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You get the sense that Yankee fans feel like George M. Steinbrenner III is completely out of the picture and that the guy has lost his mind. Is it me..or has he been attending a lot more games than he has over the last few years?

All of a sudden he looks like Mr. Talkative. Steinbrenner’s family has been seen in his box on almost every occasion. Reggie Jackson also seems like he visits George a lot. Lou Holtz, Skip Holtz, Reggie Jackson and Senior Vice President of the Yankees Felix Lopez were in his box today and they were talking up a storm with him. From the pictures, it seems like old Georgie boy was cracking a smile. Let’s not forget he showed an outpouring of emotion at the ’08 MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium as he waved to the crowd. Another thing I noticed was that Steinbrenner can still stand on his own two feet. He also plans on being at Yankee Stadium for the home opener, where he will watch his ball club get their World Series rings.


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