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Derek Jeter stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday and put on quite a show. He sat down for an interview and stuck around for a second segment to do a musical skit. If you haven’t noticed already from his pre/post game interviews or the press conferences he’s held, Derek’s got a great sense of humor.

What we learned:

  • Derek Jeter is willing to host SNL again if Fallon is involved.
  • He once allowed Fallon to pick up the tab in a club..costing him $2500.
  • Fallon once accidentally kissed Michael Jordan on the lips at one of Derek’s parties.

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Marv Albert made his last appearance on Late Night back in 1993. On the highlight reel, the clip under “The Incredible” (3:52 mark) showed Bernie Williams getting hit in the balls during the 1993 season. We miss you Geno.


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