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NEW YORK- AUGUST 04: Alex Rodriguez

On a 2-0 pitch, Alex Rodriguez launched a 2-run home run (off a 85mph fastball from Shuan Marcum) in the bottom of the 1st inning to put the team up 2-0 over the Blue Jays. It was the highly anticipated home run that everyone has been waiting for. It took him 46 at-bats, but he’s finally in the 600HR club, joining Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Griffey and Sosa. Alex is now the youngest player to ever hit 600HR’s, just 8 days past his 35th birthday. He actually hit in on the same day (August 4, 2007) that he hit HR #500.

Funny enough, the ball landed in Monument Park and a Yankee Stadium security guard picked up the ball.  I guess that belongs to the Yankees now, and it will go directly to Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees organization was prepared to give the fan a autographed baseball, jersey, hat and bat from Rodriguez. If that wasn’t enough, they were going to offer the person lunch with A-Rod and Cameron Diaz. (Via Jack Curry: Michael Kay passed this along during the YES Network broadcast).


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     Brian Cashman has done his job for the most part, but some things need to be settled. He brought in the top FA players, but they need to decide on a CF & a #5 starter. Here is a review…

The Good: Cashman signs top FA players. CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, & Mark Teixeira.

  • Brian Cashman did a brilliant job of bringing in CC, AJ, & Tex. He got two of the best FA pitchers on the market, and brought in a big bat to complete the lineup. The Yankees finally have an “ACE” and have arguably the best rotation in all of baseball. Teixeira provides higher average and gold glove defense at 1st base. That is something Giambi couldn’t supply. These moves make the Yankees early favorites to win the World Series. You can’t really ask for anything else.

The Bad: CF Solution Solution. Melky Cabrera & Brett Gardner?

  • Are they going into Spring Training with these two guys or not? They need to decide soon as players will be reporting to ST in the coming weeks. Fans are outraged that we have two young guys competing for the spot, and it will be interesting to see if they make a move or not. Are Andruw Jones, Lastings Milledge, David DeJesus, Ken Griffey Jr, & Mike Cameron possibilities?

And The Ugly: #5 Starter. Pettitte’s future uncertain.

  • Still a true Yankee? I would like to think so. Many believe that if he doesn’t come back..that it tarnishes his legacy as a Yankee. I actually want him to return, but he has refused the Yankees $10M offer and there haven’t been any negotiations going on lately. They need some depth in the rotation, so if he doesn’t come back then they might have to go after some other pitcher. I would go with Phil Hughes in the #5 spot, but as everyone knows..you can never have too much pitching. Cashman needs to step up to the plate and ask Pettitte if he is going to return or not, because this is dragging out to long and the news has become annoying. Get it done already… 

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     I haven’t heard anything really about Griffey going to the Yankees, but wouldn’t that be nice? I think he would be a perfect fit. Ken Griffey Sr. spent 4 1/2 years with the Yankees, so Jr. would be following in his dad’s footsteps.  Griffey is now 39 years-old, and he could be a short term solution for the outfield until Ajack gets the call. He would probably sign a low end contract, ranging from $3-4 million for one season. That doesn’t sound bad at all. Junior played most of last season with a bad left knee, but he is now health after having off-season surgery. Griffey’s agent Brian Goldberg said that there are two teams in the NL and and two in the AL that they are talking to. One of those AL teams is supposedly the Seattle Mariners.

Here are Griffey’s average statistics the last 3 seasons (’06-’08) :

.260AVG  69R  125H  25HR  78RBI  2SB  .347OBP  .468SLG

You can bet on those numbers increasing in the Yankees lineup….


Clemens’ former trainer McNamee meets with federal prosecutors 

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