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Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka

Pitcher Masahiro Tanaka is the seventh Japanese player to be part of the New York Yankees.

Before signing him, the Yankees were in the ninth place in the odds lists for winning the 2014 World Series. The favorites to win this season are Los Angeles Dodgers. You can check your favorite team’s place in SportsBettingDime.com.

Tanaka signed a seven-year $ 155 million contract, becoming the fifth Asian pitcher to join New York. The Yankees will have two Japanese in the rotation for next season, with Tanaka and veteran Hiroki Kuroda. The 25-year-old ended last season with a 24-0 record playing for the Rakuten Golden Eagles, with a 1.27 ERA. In 175 games, the Japanese threw 53 complete games with 18 shutouts and 1,238 strikeouts.

The team led by Joe Girardi has had a good experience with Japanese players (Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui), but none has excelled on the mound. The first Japanese pitcher to reach the Yankees was Hideki Irabu in 1997, who won two World Series with the team but did not take part in any game. Irabu finished with 27 wins and 24 losses in two years in New York, with a 3.31 ERA. He allowed 396 hits and 165 runs while striking out 317 rivals.

Kei Igawa was signed in 2007 and stayed only two seasons with the team. The former Hanshin Tigers player started 13 games and finished with a 2-4 record with a 6.66 ERA. He allowed 89 hits, 54 runs and 15 home runs. Due to his low-level of play, the team sent him to AAA team and tried to trade him to another squad in Japan.

Ryota Igarashi, who arrived from the Toronto Blue Jays, was the third Japanese pitcher to try his luck with the Yankees. He joined the team in 2012, but had only two appearances, pitching three innings with four hits and four runs.

After four seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kuroda signed a one-year contract with New York in January 2012 and achieved a 16-11 mark. Thanks to his good numbers he stayed for another season, but only got 11 wins and closed with seven losses in his last 10 appearances.

Next season, Tanaka will be the ninth Japanese active player in the MLB, but the Yankees expect him to become the biggest star of the Rising Sun country to return to the playoffs and aspire to another World Series title.

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Just the other day, there was a Kei Igawa sighting at Yankee Stadium. I wonder what he was doing there?

In all seriousness, what Yankees fan would buy a Kei Igawa t-shirt? Was this guy that excited about the signing before he stepped on the mound or something? Or or maybe he just bought it as a joke…hmmm.

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In part two of our look back at Brian Cashman’s track record since gaining autonomy over baseball operations, we take a look at what has happened under his hand between October 2006 and October 2007. Part one can be read here.

Signings and Re-Signings

Mike Mussina resigned for 2 years/$23 million.

Signed Kei Igawa for 5 years/$20 million (Plus a $26 million posting fee)

Signed Andy Pettitte to a 1 year/$16 million deal with a 2008 player option

Signed Roger Clemens to a 1 year/$17.4 millon deal

Trades (more…)

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According to Joel Sherman, in a effort to get some value out of paying through the nose for Kei Igawa (See: Toilet in Cashman’s office filled with $46 million) the Yankees are likely to use Igawa as a reliever this year (H/T to TYU). Sherman also went on to say that Igawa would work out of the bullpen in Scranton as well.

I was starting to wonder how long the Yankees would allow him to toil in AAA before they either ate his contract (unlikely) or found something else for him to do, like being the bat boy.

While it is unlikely we’ll see the Yankees break camp with Igawa as a LOOGY, he could very well be in line with Boone Logan to fill that role if Marte falters in his role this year. However, looking at Igawa’s splits against lefties doesn’t give people the warm and fuzzies they would like to feel regarding Igawa. (more…)

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…Spring Training! What did you think I was going to say, Christmas? Pfft, that day is just a mere speed bump in baseball fan’s lives known as ‘Off season’. Either way, the Yankees released their non-roster invitee list and it looks something like this:

OF Marcus Thames, LHP Wilkins Arias, LHP Jeremy Bleich, OF Colin Curtis, RHP Grant Duff, OF Reid Gorecki, C Kyle Higashioka, RHP Jason Hirsh, LHP Kei Igawa, RHP Zach McAllister, C Jesus Montero, C PJ Pilittere, LHP Royce Ring, C Mike Rivera, C Austin Romine, RHP Amaury Sanit, RHP Zack Segovia, OF Jon Weber, RHP Kevin Whelan and OF David Winfree.

Tell me, are you as excited to see Kei Igawa pitch to Marcus Thames in intersquad games? You’re not? Then you must not be a true Yankees fan then. I kid, regardless, 9 days until Spring Training.

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Continuing with our trend of analyzing various aspects of the Yankees since 1996, today we delve into to their top 10 biggest free agent busts since their return to glory. Now, without further gilding the lilly, let’s get to the topic at hand.

10. Roger Clemens – Contract 1 yr/$17.4 mil. This would be the Rocket’s last year (2007) pitching in the big leagues and he didn’t give the Yankees pitching staff the boost as expected. As a Yankee in 2007: 6-6, 4.18 ERA with 68 K’s in 99 innings.

9. Kenny Lofton – Contract: 2 yr/$6.2 mil. After seeing Juan Pierre in the 2003 World Series, Steinbrenner wanted someone of that mold and found Lofton. Lofton wasn’t exactly a great asset in his one year as a Yankee. As a Yankee: 7 SB, 3 CS in 83 games.

8. Octavio Dotel – Contract: 1 yr/$2 mil. Dotel only pitched 10 forgettable innings after coming back from Tommy John Surgery. As a Yankee: 14 games, 10.80 ERA in 10 innings.

7. Jaret Wright Contract: 3 yr/$20 mil. Wright was signed during the same offseason as Carl Pavano and was only moderately better than him, which isn’t a real compliment. As a Yankee: 16-12, 4.99 ERA, 118 K’s in 204 innings and a 1.6 WHIP.

6. Jose Contreras – Contract: 4 yr/$32 mil. Contreras never seemed to be comfortable in New York and he couldn’t pitch well against the Red Sox. After 36 games, he was playing for the White Sox. As a Yankee: 15-7, 4.64 ERA, 154 K’s in 166.2 innings and a 1.3 WHIP.

5. Rondell White – Contract: 2 yr/$10 mil. Looking at Rondell’s numbers up until this point, one would say this was a decent deal, until White stepped on the field. It became apparent that Rondell should have stayed in the NL. As a Yankee: .240 BA, 14 HR, 62 RBI, .666 OPS (Lowest of career to this point). (more…)

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Sports Illustrated has a list of the 10 best sports arenas of the decade. The New Yankee Stadium ranked at No. 4. “Located across 161st Street from the House that Ruth Built, the Yankees’ new home opened in style as the Bombers won the World Series in 2009. The new home features a giant high-definition screen in center field, gourmet food in private clubs and ample food courts and luxurious seating throughout the stadium.”

Baseball America ranks Jesus Montero Baseball’s 5th Best Prospect. “When he arrives: New York’s offseason moves will dictate whether Montero spends all season at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or moves up to the big leagues as a part-time catcher and DH.”

Yanks’ sign former A’s prospect, Javier Herrera to a minor league deal. This outfielder was once considered the best defender in the Oakland system. [In six minor-league seasons the 24-year-old has hit .282/.358/.468 with 49 HR and 213 RBI.]

Yanks reportedly sign catcher Rivera An unnamed Major League source, reported that the team had agreed on a Minor League contract with backstop Mike Rivera. He will be invited to Spring Training this upcoming season.

Joel Sherman reported that the Yankees are “talking regularly” with Reed Johnson and his representatives. Johnson would be obtained for the left field position, and he would give them some flexibility because he can play all three outfield positions. He’s not such a great hitter though. (more…)

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Before you rip into presents, go to midnight Mass, start the airing of grievances and feats of strengths, there are a few items of business to pass along in Yankees land.

While it is not part of Yankees news, I came across a website selling Yankees Ornaments and other Christmas goodness. The website is New York Yankees Christmas. Now, you can go open your early presents, air your grievances, have your feats of strength, etc al.

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Aroldis Chapman, a lefthanded Cuban pitcher who has been known to hit triple digits on the radar gun will soon be making close, if not more than $10 million a year. Currently, the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox (among other teams) are likely to court the Cuban Defector. While I fully support the Yankees’ quest to further the talent on their club, I am not so sure about Aroldis Chapman. Looking back on previous talent the Yankees have either signed from Japan or as Cuban defectors, their career haul hasn’t been that great in all honesty. The lone exception is El Duque, who had been above average during his time with the Yankees (See: 1998 ALCS). Here are the career stats for those wonderful Yankees imports:

El Duque: 90-65, 4.13 ERA

Kei Igawa: 2-4, 6.66 ERA

Jose Contreras: 71-63, 4.61 ERA

Hideki Irabu: 34-35, 5.15 ERA

Going even further, Daisuke Matsuzaka hasn’t been that great for all the hype he has received. His career numbers are: 37-21 with a 4.00 ERA.

In conclusion, while Aroldis Chapman could potentially be a devastating weapon to have, especially in Yankees Stadium, the trends that have been set before him don’t favor his success. I fully expect the Yankees to be involved in this and I wish them the best of luck. However, if Chapman bombs in his MLB career, I will be the first one in the ‘I Told You So’ line.

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The Hot Stove keeps getting hotter….

According to SI’s Jon Heyman, the Yankees are entering the mix for Roy Halladay. Toronto Blue Jays GM, Alex Anthopoulos, has stated that he is willing to trade within the division.

Freddy Guzman and Josh Towers were removed from the Yankees 40-man roster. Brian Cashman has said that both players have elected free agency.

The Detroit Tigers are letting the league know that their center fielder, Curtis Granderson, is available. New York Post’s Joel Sherman believes that the Yankees would have interest. I would definitely like the Yankees to go after a guy like him, but what would they have to give up? Austin Jackson could definitely be a possibility. You guys willing to part with him?

Could the Bombers let Wang go? According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees  “will be very cautious” with pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. That’s understandable, considering his recent injury problems and there is a quite a bit of questioning on whether or not he can still compete at this level. The team has always gone year-to-year with him, so this is a routine procedure with him.

Scott Boras is at it again with his big mouth. comparing Damon to Jeter and Holliday to Teixeira? Oh God. Is he kidding me? Joel Sherman of the New York Post says that Scott Boras “sounded as if he wants a three- or four-year deal for Johnny Damon”.  Sherman doesn’t know whether Boras is willing to have Damon take less than the $13MM salary Damon made the last four seasons. It would definitely be nice to have Damon back, but the Yankees could do without him. Johnny needs the Yankees more than they need him. The team can just as easily go out on the market and buy a player if they wanted to. At this point in Damon’s career, he should just be trying to win more championships..and in New York he has the best opportunity to do that. (more…)

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Andy PettitteRecently, 20 General Managers were asked 8 questions in regards to this offseason. Three of the eight dealt with or involved our beloved New York Yankees.

Question 3: Where will John Lackey, the top starting pitcher on the market, sign in the winter? For how many years and how much money?

Responses: Yankees 8, Mets 4, Angels 3. The Dodgers, Astros, Orioles and Brewers received one vote each, and one executive said he has “no idea.” Estimates on Lackey’s deal ranged from a low of three years, $36 million to highs of five years, $95 million and six years, $100 million.


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     A-Rod called Selena Roberts to apologize for the things he said during the ESPN interview with Peter Gammons. That was nice of him. Haha. He supposedly called her last Wednesday, but she wouldn’t comment until he held his news conference down in Tampa on Tuesday.

Rodriguez said Roberts was “trying to throw things out there that in high school I tried steroids. I mean, that’s the biggest bunch of baloney I’ve ever heard in my life” and that “this lady is coming out with all these allegations, all these lies.”

Rodriguez had also accused her of “stalking” him and of trying to break into his Florida home. A Miami Beach Police spokesman said Roberts did not try to break into Rodriguez’s home.

“The allegations made by Alex Rodriguez are absurd,” Roberts told the MLB Network.


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