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Alex Rodriguez

I recall him partying it up with Cameron Diaz not too long ago, so I guess this news was on the way.

From the New York Post:

Alex Rodriguez has dumped pretty Miami blonde Elaine Spottswood, telling friends she was getting “too clingy” — the same reason he ditched Kate Hudson. A-Rod had dated Spottswood, who famously went to lunch with him in Miami wearing just a shirt, for a few months. “Alex and Elaine would see each other every day at the gym,” said a source. “But he was overheard telling friends that Elaine was getting too clingy, so he had to end it with her.” Other sources tell us the Yankee slugger — who’s also been seeing gorgeous Wilhelmina model Melissa B — is keen to shed his playboy image now that he’s at spring training in Tampa. But that didn’t stop him renting a bungalow at W South Beach, where he was seen hanging out with several girls at the pool and bar for the weekend before he headed to camp. His rep didn’t get back to us and Spottswood could not be reached.

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TMZ reports that Alex was seen on a boat with a mystery lady in Miami on Wednesday. They say thay don’t know who it is, but it sure looks like Kate Hudson to me.

They also check in on Derek Jeter. Jeter was seen with Minka leaving a hotel in the Bahamas with a smirk on his face. IS this really news? Not really. Let’s hope TMZ’s attempt at covering sports get better.

Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly

Alex Rodriguez

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Baseball players have been known to have their own superstitious ways when it comes to getting the best production out of themselves on the ball field. These players get stuck in these ridiculous routines and they keep it the same when things are going good for them. Can you imagine if people in other professions were as superstitious as baseball players? Like, your boss would insist you wear a purple thong for board meetings? I don’t know, call them stupid..but I happen to enjoy these stories and I find them very interesting.

1) The Curse of the Bambino was a superstition that fans had for the failure of the Boston Red Sox not winning the World Series in the 86-year period from 1918 until 2004. The curse was said to have begun after the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The curse ended in 2004, when the Red Sox came back from a 0-3 deficit in a best-of-seven series to beat the Yankees in the ’04 ALCS.

2) Jason Giambi wears a golden thong when he’s desperate to get out of a big slump. the thong was given to him by a company as a joke, but he’s been using it ever since 1996 when he was with the Oakland Athletics. “It works every time,” Giambi told the Daily News. Giambi claimed he hung his thong in the lockers of teammates Bernie Williams, Robin Ventura and Robinson Cano when they had trouble generating runs. Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon also wore his golden thong. “The News showed its support for the sagging Yankees by delivering 26 golden thongs to the clubhouse – one for every player on the team and manager Joe Girardi.” He also didn’t shave for a couple of days during the 2008 season, and decided to grow a mustache. He wound up going on a major hitting streak and he kept it. The Yankees had “Jason Giambi Mustache Day” at Yankee stadium back in 2008. They gave away replica mustaches to the first 20,000 fans.

3) Wade Boggs was famously known for eating chicken before every game. He famously became known as the “chicken man.” He was also known for the very precise schedule he kept. He woke up and took batting practice at the same time everyday. Boggs took exactly 100 ground balls in practice. Although Boggs was not Jewish, he also drew the Hebrew word “Chai”, meaning “life”, in the batter’s box before each at-bat. He did it in hope for good luck, and in hope that he wouldn’t jinx himself or his team. (more…)

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Update 2:23PM ET: A-Rod Pal on Split: Kate “Always Wanted to Be on Camera”

According to US Magazine and MSNBC, Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson have split, but apparently they were never technically together. So was this a non break up, break up? I have no idea. It’s good to know that we got one good postseason out of Alex before Kate left him. I guess it was never meant to be since they weren’t given an official nickname like Bradgelina, Bennifer, etc.

Is anyone else crying over this? No? I guess we should move on…

Here is Kate appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman just a few days ago:

Can you say awkward?

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The Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson pregnancy reports are untrue. Hudson’s rep, Brad Cafarelli denies the rumor that she is pregnant.

Photographers snapped photos of her while she was house-hunting with A-Rod in Malibu.

What is going on in Yankee Land? Yankees getting their girlfriends pregnant…Derek Jeter might be getting married…and Hideki Matsui won’t show us a real photo of his wife. Weird stuff. (more…)

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