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     Reports earlier today stated that the Yankees met their free agent quota, but that isn’t true according to Peter Abraham:

from The LoHud Yankees Blog:

Fear not, greedy Yankee fans, the Yankees can sign all the Type A free agents if they want.

A story on MLB.com today said the Yankees had reached the quota on Type A free agents.

This led to — seriously — a dozen e-mails from fans who want Juan Cruz, Adam Dunn and/or Manny Ramirez.

Turns out the story is wrong. Brian Cashman said the Yankees could sign up to eight if they want. “I’m not sure of the exact number, but it’s one we won’t worry about either way,” he said.

I’m not clear on the exact reasons. But the large pool of FAs led to an adjustment in the quota. I also think it has something to do with how many ranked FAs they had.

Panic over. Think big thoughts.

And, no, Cash wouldn’t way whether than plan to sign anybody else.


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     The Yankees started to bring in some of the old hardware into the new ballpark today. They brought over two World Series trophies. The Yankees front office staff carried the 1977 & 2000 World Series trophies onto the truck. Tons of crates were loaded onto the moving trucks and were driven across the street to the construction site.

The state-of-the-art video scoreboard is completely in place, hovering over the snowy area that will be center field. Upon two of the advertising panels are blue circles reading, “Yankee Stadium, 2-17-09.” That will be the day the Yankees officially receive the keys to the new building, beginning full-scale operations.

Plans released by the City of New York have forecast that the current Yankee Stadium will be converted into a tree-lined park and playground area, featuring two baseball diamonds and a softball field for community use. The complex is tentatively being referred to as “Heritage Field,” and the project is expected to be completed by fall 2011.


Several departments will remain in place at the building: the clubhouse staff, information technology, ticket office and the switchboard are tentatively scheduled to relocate on Feb. 27.

Here are a bunch of photos from earlier today:



New York Yankees

Righty Arodys Vizcaino(Rookie) is among the Yanks’ top prospects already, despite turning 18 after the 2008 season ended. He has easy velocity, hitting 94 repeatedly and sitting at 90-92 with good deception and a plus curveball. He’s athletic and should sit closer to 94 when he’s fully developed.

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     According to The Ghost of Moonlight Graham, the Boston Red Sox do. I believe that the Yankees had the best bullpen in all of baseball last year, but things have changed since Joba moved into the rotation. The Joba Chamberlain/Mariano Rivera duo was unhittable and created the best 1-2 punch in the game. After the 7th inning..the game was pretty much over. I’m not trying to make a case that he belongs back in the pen..but I’m just stating the facts.

     The Yankees bullpen this year is filled with a lot of talent. They have a bunch of young guys in the pen, including David Robertson, Edwar Ramirez, & Phil Coke. They still have the best closer in the game. The statistics prove it.

this was his analysis of the Yankees:

4. New York Yankees – 24 Points

RH – Edwar Ramirez, Brian Bruney (2)

LH – Damaso Marte (6)

C – Mariano Rivera (10)

2008 bullpen era – 3.79 (6)

Analysis – With Joba Chamberlain slated to be in the starting rotation in 2009, the Yankees don’t have a dominate RH set up guy in pen. But when you have the greatest closer of all-time still on top of his game, you will always have a good bullpen.

     If the Yankees get Juan Cruz, then things could change. It should make things very interesting. Bullpens can be very difficult to grade, because they could be very good one year and very bad the next.


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     Ken Rosenthal believes that the Yankees are far from dealing this off-season. He believes that the Yankees should go after Ben Sheets as their #5 starter, and Juan Cruz to be the setup man. The Yankees really haven’t said much or expressed a lot of interest in the two, but anything can happen.

     Ben Sheets is definitely injury prone, but he is worth the risk. He would supply the Yankees with more starting pitching depth. On the other hand, Cruz could give the Yankees a much needed setup man, and he wouldn’t cost much. Cashman has said that Joba will be in the rotation, so the 1-2 punch of Joba/Mo is gone for now.

     You can never say the Yankees are done spending….

Both Sheets and Cruz are Type A free agents who were offered salary arbitration, but they would cost the Yankees only fourth- and fifth-round draft picks. The Yankees already have signed three higher-ranking free agents — Mark Teixeira, Sabathia and Burnett.

Sheets, while a physical risk, could be the Yankees’ answer to Brad Penny and John Smoltz, both of whom signed with the Red Sox for relatively low base salaries with the chance to earn significantly more through incentives.

SI.com, citing a baseball source, reported Tuesday that Pettitte is weighing a lesser offer to return to the Astros. However, Astros GM Ed Wade told FOXSports.com, “I haven’t had any discussions with Andy or any of his representatives at all. We’re up against our (budget) number right now.”


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