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Continuing with our trend of analyzing various aspects of the Yankees since 1996, today we delve into to their top 10 biggest free agent busts since their return to glory. Now, without further gilding the lilly, let’s get to the topic at hand.

10. Roger Clemens – Contract 1 yr/$17.4 mil. This would be the Rocket’s last year (2007) pitching in the big leagues and he didn’t give the Yankees pitching staff the boost as expected. As a Yankee in 2007: 6-6, 4.18 ERA with 68 K’s in 99 innings.

9. Kenny Lofton – Contract: 2 yr/$6.2 mil. After seeing Juan Pierre in the 2003 World Series, Steinbrenner wanted someone of that mold and found Lofton. Lofton wasn’t exactly a great asset in his one year as a Yankee. As a Yankee: 7 SB, 3 CS in 83 games.

8. Octavio Dotel – Contract: 1 yr/$2 mil. Dotel only pitched 10 forgettable innings after coming back from Tommy John Surgery. As a Yankee: 14 games, 10.80 ERA in 10 innings.

7. Jaret Wright Contract: 3 yr/$20 mil. Wright was signed during the same offseason as Carl Pavano and was only moderately better than him, which isn’t a real compliment. As a Yankee: 16-12, 4.99 ERA, 118 K’s in 204 innings and a 1.6 WHIP.

6. Jose Contreras – Contract: 4 yr/$32 mil. Contreras never seemed to be comfortable in New York and he couldn’t pitch well against the Red Sox. After 36 games, he was playing for the White Sox. As a Yankee: 15-7, 4.64 ERA, 154 K’s in 166.2 innings and a 1.3 WHIP.

5. Rondell White – Contract: 2 yr/$10 mil. Looking at Rondell’s numbers up until this point, one would say this was a decent deal, until White stepped on the field. It became apparent that Rondell should have stayed in the NL. As a Yankee: .240 BA, 14 HR, 62 RBI, .666 OPS (Lowest of career to this point). (more…)

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According to the Daily News, sources indicate that there is a split between Theo ‘Whiz Kid’ Epstein and owner John Henry about the potential acquisition of Roy Halladay. Apparently Epstein doesn’t want to part with Clay Buchholz, Josh Bard and Casey Kelly while John Henry appears to be the main effort behind the possible completion of such deal. Epstein would prefer to use those players in a possible deal for Adrian Gonzalez or former Red Sox farmhand Hanley Ramirez.

John Henry prefers to load up on star power as opposed to cultivating homegrown players, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise as he used to be a limited partner with George Steinbrenner. Henry is also tired of letting marquee players go the Yankees instead of his Red Sox (See: A-Rod, Contreras, and Teixeira). If I was in Henry’s place, I would feel slightly the same watching the parade of marquee players agreeing to wear pinstripes.


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Aroldis Chapman, a lefthanded Cuban pitcher who has been known to hit triple digits on the radar gun will soon be making close, if not more than $10 million a year. Currently, the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox (among other teams) are likely to court the Cuban Defector. While I fully support the Yankees’ quest to further the talent on their club, I am not so sure about Aroldis Chapman. Looking back on previous talent the Yankees have either signed from Japan or as Cuban defectors, their career haul hasn’t been that great in all honesty. The lone exception is El Duque, who had been above average during his time with the Yankees (See: 1998 ALCS). Here are the career stats for those wonderful Yankees imports:

El Duque: 90-65, 4.13 ERA

Kei Igawa: 2-4, 6.66 ERA

Jose Contreras: 71-63, 4.61 ERA

Hideki Irabu: 34-35, 5.15 ERA

Going even further, Daisuke Matsuzaka hasn’t been that great for all the hype he has received. His career numbers are: 37-21 with a 4.00 ERA.

In conclusion, while Aroldis Chapman could potentially be a devastating weapon to have, especially in Yankees Stadium, the trends that have been set before him don’t favor his success. I fully expect the Yankees to be involved in this and I wish them the best of luck. However, if Chapman bombs in his MLB career, I will be the first one in the ‘I Told You So’ line.

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