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I’m not a fan of rap at all, but for some reason I really like Jay-Z and a few of his songs. He is a well known Yankees fan and was invited by the organization to do this special performance.

I thought the song was pretty good, and I liked how everyone playing was wearing Yankee gear…except Alicia Keys. Haha. It certainly got the crowd going. Derek Jeter’s facial expression shown on the Fox broadcast as he watched them play was absolutely hilarious. It seems like the crowd and teams all enjoyed the performance. I think Jay-Z might have blessed the field last night.

Jay-Z also had some words about the experience:

“I felt like a kid,” he said. “The field is beautiful. I’ve never been that close to the field. Walking around, I jumped over the center-field fence and everything, like I was catching a home run.”

“Jeter plays ‘Empire State’ every time he’s at bat. A-Rod does ‘Already Home’ and ‘Reminder,’ ” Jay said. “[Robinson] Cano does ‘Run This Town.’ It’s like the Jay-Z compilation at the stadium. It’s beautiful.

“Incredible,” Jay added. “Beyond explanation. Just the whole fact, being in Yankee Stadium, really interacting, knowing the players. I grew up a fan of he Yankees — Reggie Jackson, Mickey Rivers, Chris Chambliss, God bless Thurman Munson, all these guys. To be there and interact with all these guys [the current Yankee team], they throwing the Roc sign up — it’s fantastic.”

Here is John Legend’s rendition of our National Anthem. I think he did a great job as well:

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