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Baseball players have been known to have their own superstitious ways when it comes to getting the best production out of themselves on the ball field. These players get stuck in these ridiculous routines and they keep it the same when things are going good for them. Can you imagine if people in other professions were as superstitious as baseball players? Like, your boss would insist you wear a purple thong for board meetings? I don’t know, call them stupid..but I happen to enjoy these stories and I find them very interesting.

1) The Curse of the Bambino was a superstition that fans had for the failure of the Boston Red Sox not winning the World Series in the 86-year period from 1918 until 2004. The curse was said to have begun after the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The curse ended in 2004, when the Red Sox came back from a 0-3 deficit in a best-of-seven series to beat the Yankees in the ’04 ALCS.

2) Jason Giambi wears a golden thong when he’s desperate to get out of a big slump. the thong was given to him by a company as a joke, but he’s been using it ever since 1996 when he was with the Oakland Athletics. “It works every time,” Giambi told the Daily News. Giambi claimed he hung his thong in the lockers of teammates Bernie Williams, Robin Ventura and Robinson Cano when they had trouble generating runs. Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon also wore his golden thong. “The News showed its support for the sagging Yankees by delivering 26 golden thongs to the clubhouse – one for every player on the team and manager Joe Girardi.” He also didn’t shave for a couple of days during the 2008 season, and decided to grow a mustache. He wound up going on a major hitting streak and he kept it. The Yankees had “Jason Giambi Mustache Day” at Yankee stadium back in 2008. They gave away replica mustaches to the first 20,000 fans.

3) Wade Boggs was famously known for eating chicken before every game. He famously became known as the “chicken man.” He was also known for the very precise schedule he kept. He woke up and took batting practice at the same time everyday. Boggs took exactly 100 ground balls in practice. Although Boggs was not Jewish, he also drew the Hebrew word “Chai”, meaning “life”, in the batter’s box before each at-bat. He did it in hope for good luck, and in hope that he wouldn’t jinx himself or his team. (more…)

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Jim Leyritz appeared on ESPN’s E:60 last night, and spoke about his life since a manslaughter charge has been issued to him. Leyritz is one of the game’s true October heroes. In the 1996 World Series, he hit a monumental three-run homer that sparked the Bronx Bombers to their first World Series championship in 18 years and helped launch a dynasty.

“Again the 2–2 to Leyritz…in the air to left field…back…at the track…at the wall…we are tied!”—Joe Buck’s call on Jim Leyritz’s game-tying three-run HR in the top of the eighth inning in Game 4

Two years ago, Leyritz, was driving his SUV laste at night near his home in Florida. His SUV collided with another SYV, killing the driver in the other vehicle. He was charged with DUI manslaughter and is currently awaiting trial.

Here, Leyritz opens up and talks with Jeremy Schaap about his life since the collision and his hopes for the future. It’s an emotional and exclusive interview from ESPN.

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Yankee Stadium will be open to fans for Game 3 The Yankees announced today that they will open the Stadium Field Level and Great Hall to the public to watch Game 3 of the ALCS.

Drug testers were back in Bronx for Game 1 of the ALCS. MLB drug testers were at the stadium taking urine samples from two members of the Yankees and Angels after the game.

Joe Torre to retire after next season? Torre says he doesn’t plan to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers after his contract expires. “I have one year on my contract and I don’t anticipate it being more than that,” he said. However, he noted, “I’ve said that before and my wife doesn’t believe me at all.”

Yusei Kikuchi To Meet With Seven MLB Teams, including the Yankees.  Who is this guy? Click here to find out more

Derek Jeter is now third on All-Time Postseason HR list Jeter hit a solo HR in the third inning of yesterday’s game to put him ahead of Mickey Mantle and Reggie Jackson.

Jim Leyritz doing what he can to earn money. The King was outside Yankee Stadium signing autographs and posing with fans to get some money. As many of you know, he awaits his January trial for DUI manslaughter. “I think a lot of people are hesitant because of the situation,” Leyritz said. “But I need to pay for the roof over my kids’ heads. It’s gone on for two years. I haven’t been able to work. I haven’t been able to do anything. I have custody of my three kids, and I have to provide a house and a home for them. Whatever I can do to make money, that’s what I’m doing.” (more…)

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     Jim Leyritz is at it again. He was arrested and put in jail on Friday for violating his pretrial release on a DUI manslaughter charge. He apparently has this device in his car that he needs to blow in before starting it. The device was installed in his car in April 2008, and it shows that he consumed alcohol four times since it was installed.

     Leyritz is scheduled to be on trial on May 25th. If he’s convicted guilty..he could spend up to 15 years in jail.

Things just keep on getting worse for The King….

“So he believed at that point, because he now had a machine in his car, it was OK to drink, but that he’s just not going to be able to drink and drive because the car is going to turn off,” Bogenschutz said.

“He really shouldn’t be held responsible,” Bogenschutz said. “It’s a little disturbing.”

“That assumption was incorrect,” Ishoy said Friday. “It is the state’s position that Mr. Leyritz was to remain on pretrial release and not consume alcohol.”


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