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This week started off with Javy Vazquez’s first win in the 2010 campaign and ended with a series loss to the Angel. This week the Yankees won 1 series as they claimed victory over the A’s 2-1. They also lost their first series of the years to the Angels, lets hope they don’t make it a habit.

The Good

Well, what can be said about Phil Hughes that hasn’t already been said? He took a no-no into the 8th inning against the Oakland A’s, but after a hit and a walk, Girardi pulled him from what was arguable his best outing as a Yankee so far. With the win, he improved to 2-0 with a 2.19 ERA and 16 K’s in 12.1 innings pitched.

Javy Vazquez didn’t have his best stuff against Oakland, but he grinded it out, so to speak, for his first victory of the year (Yay!). However, in his next start against the Angels, he was pulled after 3.2 innings after giving up 5 Earned Runs (See: Thames’ fielding).

The Bad

In Friday, April 23rd’s game against the Angels, Joba Chamberlain was brought in the 8th inning of a tied game and proceeded to give up a single and then a two run home run to Kendry Morales. The Yankees ended up losing the game 6-4. The previous inning, David Robertson closed out the 7th with 9 pitches. What gets me, is that, yes, Joba isthe ‘8th inning guy’ but it doesn’t mean just because he is that guy, he needs to come in, especially when he isn’t the same person he was a few years ago. Robertson hasn’t gotten many opportunities, so let him pitch a little longer, especially if the organization likes him, which they do. Joba’s going to cause the Yanks an important game later this year, mark my words.

The Ugly

Congratulations, Mark Teixeira, May is almost upon us, but unfortunately, over the last week, Mark has hit .130 with 1 HR and has struck out 5 times. Fortunately, the calendar changes to May in 5 days. Let’s hope for the best.

Was Teixeira’s Slide ‘Dirty?’

As most of you saw the other night, Teixeira bowled over Bobby Wilson in the Yankees 6-4 loss and proceeded to knock him out of the game with a concussion and an injured ankle. I don’t feel bad for Bobby Wilson at all, it’s in the catcher’s job description to block the plate. While Tex probably could have slid, I don’t see anything wrong with what he did, especially with teams plunking him at will. Bobby Wilson recently had this to say about the collision:

Now I wish he would’ve [slid], but there’s no hard feeling toward Tex. I know the kind of person he is. I know his intent wasn’t to hurt me. People can say what they want, if they think it’s clean, or they think it’s dirty, it’s baseball. Next time it comes around I’m not going to back down. I’m not going to shy away from contact just cause this happened. It’s part of the game.

Looking Ahead to Next Week

Yankees head to Baltimore for a 3 game tilt and then head home to begin a homestand against the Chicago White Sox. Of the next 6 games, 4-2 is easily within reach, maybe 5-1 with how the Orioles are playing.

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Recently Dave Eiland was speaking about the competition for the Yankees 5th starter slot when he said this:

“We want 200 innings in all five of our guys,” Eiland said.

Now, upon reading this, his statement made me a little bit curious as to whether this has been done, so I turned to our trustworthy friends over at Baseball-Reference. Upon extensive searching on Baseball-Reference for teams with pitchers with equal or greater than 200 Innings Pitched and at least 20 Games Started only 15 instances of such were found. The last occurrence of this was in 1923 when the Yankees had the rotation of Joe Bush, Waite Hoyt, Sam Jones, Herb Pennock, and Bob Shawkey did this. The last Yankees team to come close to this was the rotation of Mike Mussina, David Wells, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Jeff Weaver in 2003. Weaver was 40.2 innings away from hitting the 200 IP mark.

For the Yankees to have all five of their starters to hit the magical mark of 200 IP there are a handful of things that have to happen in their favor.

  • If CC Sabathia pitches the same as last year, you can easily count him in for 200, however, it isn’t necessarily guaranteed.
  • AJ Burnett, while is no virtual lock to hit 200 innings, has proven if he is healthy, which is a big if, can hit 200 innings as he has the last two seasons.
  • While Andy Pettitte throughout his career could be penciled in for 200 innings usually, however he is turning 38 during this season. In 2009, he logged 194.1 innings and one has to wonder how many innings he has left on his left arm.
  • Javy Vazquez has pitched over 200 innings 9 out of the last 10 years, so theoretically he is a virtual lock. The only year he did not pitch 200 innings? 2004 with the Yankees when he logged 198 innings. During his time pitching in the American League, Javy has amassed an average ERA above 4.50.
  • Joba Chamberlain/Phil Hughes will have to up their game to reach 200 innings as neither of them have pitched this much in a single season. While Joba has been under the Joba rules, there is no telling how his arm will react when he hits 180, 190 or even 200 innings. Hughes on the other hand has not pitched more than 130 innings since 2006 in the minors when he pitched 146. If Hughes becomes the 5th starter it is unknown how his arm will react to the increase of innings.

So, while it is possible for each the Yankees starters to log 200 IP, it is highly unlikely. While I would like to see all five rotation spots hit 200 innings, truth be told, I can see 3 or 4 pitchers hit 200 innings. At this current time, I don’t have faith in Joba or Phil to be able to pitch 200 innings this year, maybe 170 or 180, but not 200.

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