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Update 17 December @ 12:06pm:

It appears as if the sides might be talking about a one year deal, but Johnson in the past has indicated he would prefer a 2 year deal. However, a return to the Yankees could change that train of thought. Johnson’s agent had this to say:

“We have had dialogue, things are moving forward.  Something could happen to speed things up, but it’s hard to predict.”


In a move that could end the career in pinstripes for Johnny Damon, the Yankees appear to be talking to Nick Johnson about filling their ever vacant DH role.

If Nick Johnson comes back and fills that slot, he will be able to spell Mark Teixeira at first base on occasions if need be. Also, Nick doesn’t strike out nearly as other Yankees (See: Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson) and is known as an on base machine.

Nick is a career .273 hitter with an On Base Percentage of .405 and bats .292 in his career against left handers and .266 against right handers, so no platoon is necessary.

If you remember far enough back, Nick Johnson a third round pick that was eventually part of the deal that brought Javy Vasquez to the Bronx in December 2003.

Me? I believe as long as Nick is healthy, signing him to an incentive based deal would benefit both parties involved. His left handed swing would be welcome in the friendly confines of new Yankees stadium. I hope to see him wearing pinstripes soon.

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Now that we know where Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and John Lackey will be playing baseball in 2010, it’s time to look at the best options that the Yankees have not named Chien-Ming Wang. The best free agent options the Yankees have are Justin Duchscherer and Ben Sheets. Let’s compare these two and pick a future Yankee…

Ben Sheets- Pros

Upon mentioning his name, I know I invoke a few groans and rolls of the eyes, which is well deserved, in some cases. Though, the stats do not lie, in 8 active years, he has an ERA of 3.72 and 7.6 Ks per nine innings. Though, when healthy (and that’s a big IF) he can throw 200+ innings easily and even with injury riddled years, he provides 6+ innings in his starts. Think of this you can slide Ben Sheets in as a 4th or 5th starter and move Joba or Phil to the bullpen or rotate their starts which benefits everyone. With Ben not needing to be the #1 starter like he was in Milwaukee, he can relax and pitch his game. When healthy, Ben Sheets has the potential to be a front line starter. Sheets is also one year younger than Justin Duchscherer.


Sheets missed all of last year due to rehabilitation of his surgically repaired elbow which he injured in 2008.  All the eye rolling and scoffing at him possibly signing is well deserved. The biggest con against him is his health. If you remove 2008 from his pitching records, from 2005 to 2007, his innings pitched were: 156.2, 106, 141.1. Not exactly stellar, more like Joba rules were in effect for him. Another big IF is whether or not he’d be able to pitch in a big city market like New York. Many pitchers have come and not lived up to their expectations or wilted under the pressure (See: Javy Vasquez, Kenny Rodgers, Jack McDowell, Randy Johnson, etc al). He has also pitched solely in the National League Central… (more…)

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