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Graham Stoneburner/ Courtesy of Mark LoMoglio

2010 MiLB Season Statistics:


Jesus Montero: .271AVG 11HR 47RBI .346OBP .460SLG .806OPS

Brandon Laird (TRN & SWB): .300AVG 25HR 94RBI 2SB .361OBP .547SLG .908OPS

Ivan Nova: 125.1IP (W-L, 10-2) 2.80ERA 39ER 94K .257BAA

Zach McAllister: 115.1IP (W-L, 7-8) 4.76ERA 61ER 71K .305BAA

Eric Wordekemper: (TRN & SWB) 53.0IP (W-L, 4-0) 3.23ERA 19ER 53K .237BAA


Austin Romine: .272AVG 7HR 51RBI 1SB .340OBP .410SLG .751OPS

Andrew Brackman: (TAM & TRN) 103.0IP (W-L, 7-10) 4.81ERA 55ER 98K .275BAA

George Kontos: (TAM & TRN) 27.1IP (W-L, 0-2) 3.95ERA 12ER 19K .265BAA

Hector Noesi: (TAM & TRN) 120.0IP (W-L, 11-5) 3.00ERA 40ER 116K .225BAA

Ryan Pope: 41.1IP (W-L, 2-6) 4.25ERA 37ER 66K .256BAA

D.J. Mitchell: 114.2IP (W-L, 8-4) 4.32ERA 55ER 78K .265BAA

J. Brent Cox (TAM & TRN) 22.0IP (W-L, 1-1) 6.95ERA 17ER 11K .343BAA


Zoilo Almonte: (CSC & TAM) .265AVG 11HR 48RBI 12SB .331OBP .429SLG .760OPS

Dellin Betances: 57.0IP (W-L, 6-1) 1.26ERA 8ER 15BB 68K .153BAA

Jonathan Ortiz: 45.0IP (W-L, 5-1) 18SV 2.60ERA 13ER 50K .196BAA

Adam Olbrychowski: 52.0IP (W-L, 2-2) 2.60ERA 15ER 41K .215BAA

Pat Venditte: 58.0IP (W-L, 2-0) 1.71ERA 5SV 11ER 71K .179BAA

Graham Stoneburner: (CSC & TAM) 109.1IP (W-L, 6-7) 2.47ERA 30ER 112K .192BAA


Slade Heathcott: .270AVG 1HR 17RBI 10SB .364OBP .335SLG .700OPS

Brett Marshall: 44.0IP (W-L, 1-2) 4.09ERA 20ER 39K .244BAA


Gary Sanchez: .376AVG 4HR 26RBI 1SB .450OBP .612SLG 1.062OPS

Cito Culver: .276AVG 2HR 11RBI .336OBP .382SLG .718OPS

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     A-Rod called Selena Roberts to apologize for the things he said during the ESPN interview with Peter Gammons. That was nice of him. Haha. He supposedly called her last Wednesday, but she wouldn’t comment until he held his news conference down in Tampa on Tuesday.

Rodriguez said Roberts was “trying to throw things out there that in high school I tried steroids. I mean, that’s the biggest bunch of baloney I’ve ever heard in my life” and that “this lady is coming out with all these allegations, all these lies.”

Rodriguez had also accused her of “stalking” him and of trying to break into his Florida home. A Miami Beach Police spokesman said Roberts did not try to break into Rodriguez’s home.

“The allegations made by Alex Rodriguez are absurd,” Roberts told the MLB Network.


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      According to Peter Abraham, Alex Rodriguez is due in camp next week.Yankees officials reported today that he is expected to be in camp on Tuesday. He is also allowed to check in earlier as he is on the World Baseball Classic roster.  George M. Steinbrenner Field will be a mad house, because Alex will have to address the media again. Not that I’m not rooting for Alex..but this really messes up Spring Training plans. This is supposed to be a relaxing time for the players, as they try and get back into shape for the upcoming baseball season. It really gets annoying hearing the same questions over and over again. I feel bad for the other Yankees, beause they need to answers questions about him. Hopefully in a few weeks this will die down.


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       Three more Yankees prospects have been invited to camp down in Tampa. J. Brent Cox, George Kontos, and Kanekoa Texeira. I was wondering why Kontos & Cox weren’t invited before. Cox was a highly regarded reliever from the University of Texas. I had high hopes for this kid, but injuries have set him back. He has pretty good stats in the minor leagues, but he wasn’t all that impressive last season. Maybe he can have a bounce back year?

     George Kontos (23) I think has the stuff to be a really good pitcher, but I just don’t see how he can have any future in the Yankees rotation. The rotation is pretty much going to be filled in the next few years. His 2008 statistics:  151.2IP  (W-L) 6-11  3.68ERA  1.26WHIP  9.0K/9IP.

     I don’t know much about this guy Kenkoa Texeira. All I know is that he was obtained by the Yanks’ in that deal for Nick Swisher. Check out his stats here. Not bad..not bad at all…

From the Yankees official website:

Cox, 24, was 5-4 with a 4.75 ERA in 28 relief appearances at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre last year, finishing 12 games. In 36 innings, he allowed 30 hits and 21 runs (19 earned), walking 17 and striking out 16. The Yankees’ second-round pick in the 2005 First-Year Player Draft, Cox also pitched briefly at Class A Tampa and Double-A Trenton.

Kontos, 23, was 6-11 with a 3.68 ERA in 27 starts at Double-A Trenton. In 151 2/3 innings, Kontos allowed 134 hits and 76 runs (62 earned), walking 57 and striking out 152. He was the Yankees’ fifth-round selection in 2006.

Texeira, 22, was acquired from the White Sox on Nov. 13 with first baseman-outfielder Nick Swisher as part of a five-player trade.

Last year, Texeira was 6-3 with 21 saves and a 1.33 ERA in 51 combined relief appearances for Class A Winston-Salem and Double-A Birmingham. He pitched 61 innings, allowing 46 hits and 15 runs (nine earned), walking 21 and striking out 60.


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