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Back in early April, Craig Mahoney started to work on this project of mine. Over the last week, Craig did some minor touch-up work on his head, glove and pinstripes and now it’s finally complete.

The main picture on the canvas shows Phil Hughes delivering a pitch, and to the left, you can see him kneeling on the mound (which is a pre-game ritual of his).  It took a while, but he really put his time and effort into it, and it shows in the finished product. It came out great.

You can check out Craig’s blog at: Craig Mahoney Studios. He runs his own podcast, and hosts a Pinstriped Podcast (Yankees-related) once a week. You can also subscribe to his podcast on iTunes (Search: Craig Mahoney Podcast). Be sure to tune in. If you’re interested in his artwork, you should take a look at some of his other projects. He’s available for commission work. Feel free to contact him. He’ll be re-launching his site in September. Follow him on Twitter: @CraigMahoney

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