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If you were listening to the Yankees telecast, you must have heard Michael Kay and David Cone break the news that Masahiro Tanaka has just landed on the 15-day disabled list with what they’re calling a “tender wrist.” That sounds like it’s not connected to the UCL tear and we may not have to sound the alarms just yet. Coney said that this report begs a lot of questions and wonders if Tanaka is compensating because of his elbow.

At the same time, no injury to Masahiro’s arm should be taken lightly. According to reports, Brian Cashman has stated that there is “no change” in Tanaka’s elbow. He was also asked if this could be a Tommy John surgery “precursor”…to which he said, “could be.”

Tanaka will be shut down for 7-10 days. We may not see him for another month or so. Nobody knows for sure. Now, we play a waiting game and see how this unfolds.

Masahiro Tanaka

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The New York Yankees have said that CC Sabathia has a grade 2 left hamstring strain and won’t pitch again this season. Supposedly, CC injured it during his last start but pitched through it. One would have to guess that he kept the injury secret from management, because I doubt Girardi would have kept him out there if he had known. This puts the nail in the coffin for the Yankees season (that’s if you still thought they had a chance).

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia



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Derek Jeter

Photo Courtesy of Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Last week, Derek Jeter held a pregame press conference with the media prior to the team’s game against the Blue Jays. This was the first time he addressed the media after reinjuring his left ankle. When asked if he’d return to the ball club this season, his response was, “no doubt.” He seemed to answer a lot of questions with that same answer. He went onto say, “when you have doubt, that’s when you’re in trouble.” He didn’t want to make any promises on when he would exactly return, but the general consensus is that it will be after the all-star break.

Derek was upbeat throughout the entire interview. He was cracking smiles and making jokes, so it was nice to see him in good spirits. A media member brought up Derek’s “Advanced Age” and said that maybe that’s why this injury occurred, but Jeter insisted it was just a freak thing. If there’s a player out there that hates sitting on the bench, it’s Derek Jeter. We all know about his great work ethic, his dedication to the team and his will to win. There was another question asking whether he would be able to return to form prior to the injury. Derek responded that he fully expects to play at the same level as he did before. At this point, Jeter is still in a walking boot and remains months away from his return. There wasn’t any real groundbreaking news throughout the conference, but the most important thing you saw was that Derek was very positive about his return.

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Kevin Youkilis was removed from the game at the start of the sixth inning, and was replaced by Lyle Overbay at first base. According to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News, Youk left the game with tightness in his lower back. It doesn’t seem too serious, as he’s watching the game from the dugout in the bottom of the 8th inning. Stay tuned for updates.

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According to Marc Carig of the Star Ledger, Mark Teixeira is out for the remainder of the playoffs with a Grade II sprain (6 to 8 weeks). With Teixeira being removed from the roster, he will not be allowed to be added in the next round (if they were to advance). Eduardo Nunez will be activated.

  Mark Teixeira #25 Of The New York Yankees Is

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Peter Abraham has the latest say on Wang, and it sounds fairly dire.

“When he got the second MRI on Tuesday, it revealed a possible rotator-cuff tear. The question is whether it’s a new injury or scar tissue from the operation he had back in 2000.

Because Dr. James Andrews did that surgery, he will examine Wang on Tuesday and figure it all out. If Wang does have a new tear, he’ll be out the rest of this season and part of 2010. Wang, as you might expect, is nervous about what Andrews might find.

If Wang does need surgery, the Yankees could non-tender him in December rather than have him rehab on their dime.”

Remember a few things. Chien-Ming Wang was never supposed to succeed relying on only his sinker in front of the Yankees’ terrible defense, along with a miniscule K/9, but he did (spectacularly so). And he was supposed to go under the knife for a shoulder injury after his rookie season, but decided to rehab it instead, and reeled off consecutive 19 win seasons directly thereafter. Whenever I’ve assumed Wang would not be succesful, or was done due to injury, he’s proved me wrong. That was why I felt completely confident in assuming he’d be back up to snuff this year–only to be proven wrong again.

So I don’t know what to think. The evidence, however, points to him being on the brink of disaster. Who would ever have guess the Yankees would be considering non-tendering the Taiwanese sinkerballer? We refused to trade him for Johan Santana two offseasons ago, for chrissake.

And since we can easily derive the positivistic answer to this question, he’ll be back, and stronger than ever. Chien-Ming Wang is in fact the human equivalent of “opposite day“.

Hey, a guy can hope.

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