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Do you remember that Yankee Stadium security guard who retrieved the 600th HR ball in Monument Park? Well, Jack Curry has his back-story:

From Jack Curry:

Frankie Babilonia was the 23-year old security guard who retrieved A-Rod’s 600th homer in Monument Park. “That was really cool,” he said.

Babilonia was filling in on the Monument Park post for another security guard so that’s why he was in position to get A-Rod’s 600th homer.

Frankie Babilonia told me that scooping up A-Rod’s 600th HR in Monument Park was “one of the coolest things in my life.” Kid was elated.

Frankie Babilonia has worked security at Stadium for 2 years, but has never met A-Rod. By day’s end, my guess is that will change.

As I spoke to Frankie Babilonia about retrieving A-Rod’s homer ball, someone joked he should have kept it. He said that was never a choice

As you can see from the picture above, Babilonia was invited to the press conference and he got the chance to meet Alex. He shook his hand, was given a autographed bat and posed for photos on the stage. I guess he was in the right place at the right time.

NEW YORK- AUGUST 04: Alex Rodriguez


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This photo comes from @MLB_Authentic (Via Twitter):

“A-Rod 600th HR ball has been authenticated and returned to the Yankees clubhouse manager”


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NEW YORK- AUGUST 04: Alex Rodriguez

On a 2-0 pitch, Alex Rodriguez launched a 2-run home run (off a 85mph fastball from Shuan Marcum) in the bottom of the 1st inning to put the team up 2-0 over the Blue Jays. It was the highly anticipated home run that everyone has been waiting for. It took him 46 at-bats, but he’s finally in the 600HR club, joining Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Griffey and Sosa. Alex is now the youngest player to ever hit 600HR’s, just 8 days past his 35th birthday. He actually hit in on the same day (August 4, 2007) that he hit HR #500.

Funny enough, the ball landed in Monument Park and a Yankee Stadium security guard picked up the ball.  I guess that belongs to the Yankees now, and it will go directly to Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees organization was prepared to give the fan a autographed baseball, jersey, hat and bat from Rodriguez. If that wasn’t enough, they were going to offer the person lunch with A-Rod and Cameron Diaz. (Via Jack Curry: Michael Kay passed this along during the YES Network broadcast).


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As Alex Rodriguez continues to chase down HR #600, many people have said that pitchers don’t want to give up a milestone home run. Is it just me, or is that a bunch of bullshit? Broadcasters in the media seem to think that players pitch around these hitters in the hunt for a milestone home run and don’t give them anything to hit, because they don’t want to go into the history books like that. The idea is that players don’t want their whole career to fade into the background, and be known for giving up a milestone home run.

First off, why would it be embarrassing to serve up a home run to one of the greatest players to ever play the game? All of those who are in search for these milestones are elite players. If you’re a superstar player, let’s say..a Roger Clemens or a Nolan Ryan..does it really have any impact on your career? Maybe a little note on their profile, but who would really care?

Al Downing was not a superstar player, but he served up Henry Aaron’s 715th home run on April 8, 1974. You can say that he was remembered as “that guy” who gave up the home run, but I don’t see it that way. Downing should be remembered for being a really good major league pitcher (123W 3.22ERA 1,639K’s), who played for the Yankees, Dodgers, Athletics and Brewers during his 17-year career. Than there’s a guy like Mike Bacsik, a journeyman pitcher who served up HR #756 to Barry Bonds. Now, wouldn’t a guy like him want that attention? I’m sure a guy of his caliber wasn’t being looked at very much. Now, he’s in the record books, linked to one of the best players to ever play the game. I’m sure he also gets a lot of autograph requests because of it as well.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re a good ballplayer yourself, what kind of trouble will giving up a milestone home run do to your career? On the other hand, you can be a journeyman pitcher or a guy that doesn’t get much attention, and you start to get noticed because of it.

In the minds of Yankees fans, A-Rod’s 600th HR might be a big deal, but the rest of baseball doesn’t seem to care. Right now, it’s just another milestone for Alex to check off. Wait until he approaches Ruth, Aaron and Bonds..that’s when it will get interesting.CLEVELAND- JULY 27: <strong><a href=

CLEVELAND- JULY 27: Alex Rodriguez

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