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The President of the New York Yankees, Randy Levine, and GM Brian Cashman took a trip to Japan to take part in a exhibition ceremony for the Yankees’ 2009 World Series trophy. This is one of the many stops they will be making during their trip. Takuo Takihana, the owner of the Yomiuri Giants was in attendance and posed for photos at the MLB cafe TOKYO in Japan on Monday. Not only was the Yankees World Series trophy on display, but the Giants’ 2009 Japan Series trophy was there as well.┬áBoth trophies were displayed side-by-side at the cafe, and invited guests were able to observe the trophies throughout the evening.

Randy Levine spoke during the ceremony, and had this to say:

“The New York Yankees have fans all over the world, and we’re also very aggressive in trying to create new fans all over the world,” Levine said. “We think the New York Yankees brand is maybe the most recognizable in sports. We have both New Yorkers and Yankees fans who live all over. We won this World Series for our fans everywhere.”

The World Series trophy’s next stop will be in Beijing and Hong Kong.


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