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It looks as if some fans have created a campaign to move “The Bat” across the street to Yankee Stadium. You remember the “Save Gate 2” campaign that created a lot of publicity during the demolition of Yankee Stadium? So, don’t laugh. You never know what this might turn into.

The original Yankee Stadium had a lot of traditions. One of the many pre-game rituals fans would follow, would be “Meeting at The Bat” just outside Gate 4 of the remodeled stadium. This was considered a popular hangout, where people could meet friends and family and talk baseball before entering the stadium.

The structure was a 138-foot tall boiler stack in the shape of a Louisville Slugger baseball bat (specifically designed to look like a Babe Ruth model). It has a knob, tape unraveling at the handle and Babe Ruth’s signature on it’s barrel. This exhaust pipe released the built-up of steam from inside the stadium. The structure was sponsored by Hillerich & Bradsby Company, which were the creators of the famous Louisville Slugger line of baseball bats.

From what I can tell, it looks like “The Bat” is expected to stay as is. If you look at the plans for Heritage Field, you can see the smoke stack at the entrance of the park.

What do you guys think? Should “The Bat” be moved across the street, or should it stay put? Do you even care? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section.


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