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I thought I would wrap up Spring Training before the game starts tonight. Here are some things you might have missed:

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I’ve read a bunch of stories around the Yankees blogosphere, and I thought I would shed light upon them.

Could Posada’s heir be Frankie Cervelli?  

No, I just don’t see it happening. He’s a fine backup catcher, but don’t make him out to be anything more than that. The Yankees already have Jesus Montero and Austin Romine coming up through the system, and their bats top whatever he can do behind the plate. I rather have my catcher have some pop in his bat, then just being a defensive catcher. So, after 45 career games in the major leagues and 99 career at-bats, it seems like everyone is convinced Cervelli is some great player. The guy has 1HR and 11RBI over that span. He also had a .273AVG throughout the minor league levels, so I would expect his average to drop down. I feel like everyone is already trying to replace Jorge Posada, and he still has stuff left in the tank. Jorge Posada is one of the best offensive catchers of all-time, so don’t think it will be easy to slot a guy with barely any offensive production and expect the fans to be happy. Just wait and see.  

Eliminating All-Star Games

Horrible idea. I think most baseball fans in general enjoy watching the MLB All-Star Game..at least I do. Don’t compare it to the NHL, NBA and NFL games, because those are simply a joke. They don’t even compare. First off, the Pro Bowl is after the season. The NHL All-Star Game isn’t competitive and a million goals are scored. As for the NBA..who watches basketball? The player introductions, fan-fest activities and the league that wins the game gets WS home field advantage. The excitement that the MLB All-Star Game brings to the hosting city is also nice. I believe that the MLB version is the only watchable game, but that doesn’t mean we should get rid of them all.  

Have Sabermetrics Gone Too Far?   

Yes, they have. I think that the emergence of these Sabermetric statistics are definitely a plus for the game. At the same time, I feel like a lot of these are either way too complicated to understand or they just aren’t needed.  

The average fan can conclude many of these answers by simply watching the game. Why would a fan want to bring math into the game of baseball. I mean..that’s no fun. Sure, I would like to find out new ways to break down statistics, but the constant changing all the time make it really annoying to follow. Who wants to sit by their computer all the time and break down these silly formulas? Sometimes I feel you can just determine some of these things without them. Sabermetrics cannot measure the unmeasurable little things teammates do for each other to make each other better. As for the general baseball fan, these statistics will not be accepted into the Baseball world.  

Will Steinbrenner’s sons sell the team after George is all gone?  

First off, I think it’s kind of wrong to talk about these types of things when the man is still living. I’ve decided to talk about the topic anyway. I don’t want to even picture the New York Yankees without a member of the Steinbrenner family running it. I can’t say that I’m certain that the family will hold on to the team, but I couldn’t agree more with what the guys over at TYU said:  

“However, it seemed to me that Hal warmed to the role as the year progressed, and was really gaining a feel for running the club by the time the offseason was reached. The fact that he set assessed the finances, set a budget, and stuck firm to that line despite the clamoring by Yankees fans for the return of Johnny Damon suggested that he is in this for the long haul.” 

All Hail King George (more…)

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Wondering why we haven’t heard from Hank Steinbrenner in a while? Well, it looks like he’s preoccupied with the Tampa Bay Rowdies, which is an American soccer team.  Seriously, who cares about soccer in America? I guess this explains why he makes all of those off-the-cuff remarks that seem to lack any knowledge of the game. I guess his real love is soccer.

From the Tampa Bay Sports Examiner:

Professional soccer returns to Tampa Bay in April when the Rowdies take the field in the North American Soccer League. The original NASL existed from 1975-1984 where the Rowdies won the league championship in their first season. In addition, the Tampa Bay franchise played in two more title games, 1978 and 1979.

The Rowdies returned in 1988 as part of the American Soccer League playing in the ASL until 1993 when the team folded. Now they are back a third tike in the revival of the NASL with the official team name FC Tampa Bay Rowdies.

One of the more recognizable names in the area is Hank Steinbrenner and he will be on the Board of Advisors for the team. He is the Senior Vice President and managing owner of the New York Yankees, resides in Tampa and grew up attending Tampa Bay Rowdies games. (Hat-tip to WasWatching)

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Joe GirardiHal Steinbrenner seems to think that Girardi is the right fit for this team.The readers of this blog probably know that I’m not the biggest Girardi supporter, but I’m rooting for the guy. Let’s see how he handles this team in the postseason, and I may change my views about him.

Anyway, Hal Steinbrenner declined to speak about a possible contract extension for Girardi. I’m guessing they want to see what he does in the playoffs before they lock him up.

Hal also says that his brother, Hank, and his father, George, would be back in the Bronx for the playoff run. (more…)

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     Here are a few Yankees related Seinfeld clips…

Derek Jeter & Bernie Williams on Seinfeld

Costanza getting hired by The Boss

George trying to get fired from the Yankees

Steinbrenner sings “Heartbreaker”


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     The big guy has finally opened his mouth. He hasn’t gauranteed the World Series, but he is very confident. He really should be with the team Cashman put together. He was also asked if he read Torre’s new book, and he said he hasn’t yet, but he plans on reading it.

from the AP:

TAMPA, Fla. (AP)—Hank Steinbrenner is not guaranteeing that his New York Yankees will win the 2009 World Series. Still, the team co-chairman is optimistic heading into the start of spring training next week.

“Much more so than last year,” Steinbrenner said on Thursday. “I feel real confident going into this season.”

New York finished third last year, ending its stretch of 13 straight postseason trips. During the offseason, the Yankees committed $423.5 million to add pitchers C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, and first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Yankees captain Derek Jeter said Wednesday that he is “as excited about this season as any season in a long time.”

“The entire team is fired up with what we’ve done,” Steinbrenner said.

New York has a formidable task ahead in the tough AL East, which includes American League champion Tampa Bay and Boston.

“The American League East is by far the best division in baseball,” Steinbrenner said. “The players can’t be thinking, `Look how good we are on paper.’ They’ve got to earn it in our division.”

The Yankees have been a focal point off the field this week after the release of former manager Joe Torre’s book “The Yankee Years.”

“I haven’t read it yet,” Steinbrenner said. “I’ll read it.”

That will be it for today. I have to go read “The Yankee Years” now…..

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