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Mo v. the Captain: Joe Posnanski tries to figure out who has been the most important Yankee player since 1996.

Joe Pawlikowksi over at RAB talks about Phil Hughes developing curveball. He claims that Hughes has relied on his four-seam and cut-fastball (throwing them a combined 76.4 percent of the time) throughout the season. He’s thrown his curveball more often of late, but the pitch isn’t as effective as it once was.

Just a few days ago (Aug. 13th), Orlando Hernandez, pitched againt the Trenton Thunder. He’s attempting a comeback at the age of 44 with the Washington Nationals. I wonder how that will work out. We wish the best of luck to El Duque.

A 101 year-old Cubs fan, Harvey Pulawski, has some good advice for Yankees fans: “Stop stressing Yankee fans over the LITTLE things, your team always seems to make up for them in BIG ways.” Check out the story on Chris Shearn’s blog: Off The Wall: 101 Years of Agony

Ruth family photos hit auction block: “A collection of autographed Babe Ruth photos originally owned by his sister and never seen by the public have hit the auction block through SchulteAuctions.com. The collection consists of five original photos and an inner book cover, which was signed, dated and personalized by The Bambino to Mamie Margaret Ruth-Moberly. The items have been consigned by the family and have never before been Lonn Trostpublicly available.

Ethics commission calls for Gov. Paterson to pay $96K fine for free Yankees World Series tickets.

Yankees Fun Fact:Former Yankees outfielder, Glenallen Hill, is also known as “Spiderman.” It’s not for his love of the superhero, though. Hill suffers from severe arachnophobia. Hill has a particularly bad attack during his time with the Blue Jays. He has a nightmare about being covered in spiders. Hill jumps out of bed and crashes through a glass table, then falls down stairs, ending up on the 15-day DL.” (more…)

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