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Brian Cashman recently told Mike Lupica on ESPN Radio that “the captaincy should be retired with number two.”

No more captains for the Yankees? Please. I love Derek Jeter as much as the next guy, but enough is enough. Yes, that’s right…I said it. Derek Jeter is a mortal being…just like Lou Gehrig and Thurman Munson before him. There’s nothing that make Derek any more special or deserving than those two, so I don’t see why the New York Yankees shouldn’t have another captain.

Keith Olbermann has called Cashman’s comments  as the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

After Lou Gehrig passed away from ALS (now known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), Yankees manager Joe McCarthy stated that the club would never have another Yankees captain. Years went by and the organization didn’t have a captain. In 1976 that changed, as George Steinbrenner appointed Thurman Munson to be captain. Just three years later (1979), Thurman died in a tragic plane crash, leaving the Yankees captainless. Nettles, Randolph, Guidry, and Mattingly followed him. What I’m trying to say here is…nobody is bigger than the interlocking NY on their chest.

George Steinbrenner once said:

“I have always been very, very careful about giving such a responsibility (Captain of the New York Yankees) to one of my players, but I can not think of a single player that I have ever had who is more deserving of this honor than Derek Jeter. He is a young man of great character and has shown great leadership qualities. He believes, as I do, what General (Douglas) MacArthur said, that ‘there is no substitute for victory.’ To him, and to me, it’s second only to breathing.”

I don’t believe they need to appoint a new captain right away, but when the right person comes along I don’t see anything wrong with giving that rank to a deserving player. I think you can safely bet that the Yankees will find somebody to be named captain in future years. And if you like to bet like me, you should check out: www.SportsBettingInfo.comLife goes on, and so do the Yankees.


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Bryan Hoch writes in his Bomber’s Beat blog that the Yankees hope to hold the official tribute to the Boss on September 20:

MLB.com’s Barry Bloom spoke to Yankees co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner at the owner’s meetings today in Minneapolis, and Steinbrenner said that a memorial is planned for his late father, George, during the Sept. 20-23 four-game series against the Rays at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees already honored Steinbrenner – who passed away July 13 – and public address announcer Bob Sheppard at Yankee Stadium before a game against the Rays on July 16.

The family was not in attendance that day because Steinbrenner’s funeral was in Tampa on July 17. Commissioner Bud Selig said he is planning on attending the September memorial.

“We’re still trying to pin it down, but I think it’s going to be before the game on Sept. 20,” Hal Steinbrenner said.

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Empire Of The Son/NY Post

From the New York Post:

Signs are all four want to continue to run it for their father’s memory, but also for their children’s future.

“I think their family loves this,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said. “They are all involved. They like it. This is their life. It is a part of them. Their name is branded on the team. They already delivered a championship for [George], and now they want to deliver more.”

Team president Randy Levine added: “They have no plans to sell. There are no succession issues.”

We all know how badly George Steinbrenner wanted to win. He dug deep down into his pockets to put the best product on the field. The Boss also had a way of owning the newspaper headlines in New York. I haven’t seen the hunger for the back page out of Hal Steinbrenner, but I don’t think you can question his passion for winning. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems like they have followed in their father’s footsteps when it comes to acquiring big-name players (Sabathia, Burnett, Teixeira). Let’s not forget that just a  few years ago, old George allowed the little elephants into the tent. That means that Hal and Hank have run the day-to-day operations of the team since their father’s health started to decline.

As Sherman states:

Instead, Hal had taken a few key criteria from his dad: Keep the payroll, star power and attention to the brand high. But he has added a few distinctly non-George elements. He is way more analytical than his go-with-your-gut father. He is demanding, but not a yeller or quick to demean or threaten. He will bend sometimes on payroll, as he did with Mark Teixeira. But unlike his dad, he will not be influenced nearly as much by the smell of a championship or the whiff of sentimentality.

Why sell the Yankees? To me, it seems like that’s the life they’ve always known. They grew up with a father that demanded excellence and drove a team that was in the ground, to the top of the sports world. You figure they would want to carry that legacy for many more years. With all that said, I wouldn’t expect the Steinbrenner’s to announce they were selling the team right after their father passed away. IF they were to ever sell the team, the big concern would be whether those people had a drive to do anything in their power to win a World Series. The goal every year in New York is to win the Fall Classic, and anything short of that is considered a failure. I think the general feeling is that the Steinbrenner family will continue to own the New York Yankees franchise. The only question is…for how long? According to a team consultant, the Steinbrenner’s will keep the Yanks “forever.”

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Joe GirardiHal Steinbrenner seems to think that Girardi is the right fit for this team.The readers of this blog probably know that I’m not the biggest Girardi supporter, but I’m rooting for the guy. Let’s see how he handles this team in the postseason, and I may change my views about him.

Anyway, Hal Steinbrenner declined to speak about a possible contract extension for Girardi. I’m guessing they want to see what he does in the playoffs before they lock him up.

Hal also says that his brother, Hank, and his father, George, would be back in the Bronx for the playoff run. (more…)

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