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Gatorade just released this terrific commercial starring Derek Jeter, as he is about to begin the final home stand of his career. Sinatra, The Bronx and Yankees fans…quintessential New York.

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Frank Sinatra’s version of New York, New York has become synonymous with Yankee Stadium. The song is played throughout New York, but the NY Yankees stand out as the most prominent example who use it.

The song has been played over the loudspeakers at both the original and current Yankee Stadiums at the end of every Yankee home game.

Sinatra’s version was originally only played after a Yankees win, and the Liza Minnelli’s version was played after a loss. Minnelli was not happy about that, and raised some controversy back in 2001, when she demanded that they play her version after a win, or not play it at all. The Yankees decided to play Sinatra’s version after wins and losses.

December 12th marks Frank Sinatra’s birthday. Happy Birthday to Ol’ Blue Eyes

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I saw this interesting story, and I thought I would share it with you guys. Enjoy


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