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I’m following up on Kevin’s post from last night: my biggest pet peeve is #22: specifically, hearing fans from “small market” teams complain that they can’t compete with the Yankees because they’ll never have the similar payrolls. (I don’t understand the fuss over #23, girls accepting marriage proposals. But then, I’m an old-fashioned romantic).

Just typing that nonsense about “competing” made my blood start to boil. There are two problems with that entire line of reasoning: (1) baseball is about competition; not just on the field but between the front offices and (2) there are plenty of teams out there who do not have the Yankees financial resources but manage to field playoff-caliber squads every year.

Minnesota and Philadelphia are great examples of teams that compete for the pennant, despite limited resources. Last time I checked, San Diego has an excellent shot to return to the fall classic this year. The Marlins, Rockies and Rays all have legitimate chances at the postseason. And let’s not forget the ultimate in small-market success: the Braves will finish above .500 for the 19th consecutive season, a stretch unmatched by any team in baseball (including the Yankees).

So, if you’re a disheartened Pirates or Royals fan, turn to your teams’ ownerships and ask them why they refuse to put the money they get from MLB back into players. (Hey, the Pirates reported a $20.4 million disbursement to the ownership group last year. Sure glad they earned it.) Stop complaining about the Yankees and start complaining about your team’s inept front offices.

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It has been a busy few days at the Winter Meetings, so let’s take a minute to take a break before the meetings end today.

Sports Illustrated recently released it’s list of Top 10 MLB games of the 2000’s. Without further gilding the lilly, here they are:

10. 2001 – ALDS, Game 3. This game is known for ‘The Flip’ by Jeter. Yankees 1, A’s 0

9. 2003 – ALCS, Game 6. This game is ‘The Bartman Game’. I wonder if the Cubs made it to the World Series if the Yankees would have still lost the World Series. Marlins 8, Cubs 3

8. 2007 – NL Wild Card Tie. This game was one hell of a game as the Rockies would shock the world and advance to the World Series. Rockies 9, Padres 8 (13 innings)

7. 2009  – AL Central Tiebreaker. One has to wonder if this game took too much out of the Twins to put up a fight against the Yankees. Twins 6, Tigers 5 (12 innings)

6. 2006 – NLCS Game 7. This game had a pitching duel between Jeff Suppan and Oliver Perez, weird, I know. Cardinals 3, Mets 1

5. 2002 – World Series Game 6. Think Dusty Baker and Robb Nenn want a do over? Angels 6, Giants 5

4. 2004 – ALCS Game 5. 2004…..Funny, all my memories from that year are missing… Red Sox 5, Yankees 4 (14 innings)

3. 2001 – World Series Games 4 and 5. Mystique and Aura were certainly not dancing in a strip club these nights… Yankees 4, Diamondbacks 3 and Yankees 3, Diamondbacks 2

2. 2003 – ALCS Game 7. The greatest moment in the professional career for Aaron Boone and probably the worst for Grady Little. Yankees 6, Red Sox 5 (11 innings)

1. 2001 – World Series Game 7. I passed out before this game was over for some unknown reason, but when I woke up and heard on the radio that the Yankees lost in the bottom of the ninth, I was nearly brought to tears. Diamondbacks 3, Yankees 2

So what do you think? I think the only thing I’d really change is switch number 2 and 3. You?

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