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The first weekend of exhibition is over. For those of you keeping score (and I’m not sure why you would a this point), the Yankees beat the Phillies twice. The games were about what you would expect at this point. Some sloppy defense, plenty of mental errors and lots of guys getting playing time that are already ticketed for Scranton or Trenton. But you know what? The grass is green, the temperatures warm. The ball still makes the same sound when it hits a glove. The bat still makes a resounding *crack* when it a batter strikes a ball on the sweet spot. (Speaking of which, did you see that blast A-Rod hit off Roy Halladay today?) And grown men are earning their living, playing a game we love.

All of which means Spring is here and Spring Training is underway. Soon, we’ll be crowding into Yankee Stadium on Opening Day. But for now, enjoy the games. Debate heartily if Phil Hughes or Freddy Garcia should be the #5 starter. Wonder aloud who the 25th man should be (please, not Bill Hall!). But baseball is back – and it’s the happiest time of the year for us baseball diehards!

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