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Yankees television play-by-play broadcaster, Michael Kay was at Madison Square Garden tonight decked out in full New York Rangers gear after losing a friendly bet to Don La Greca.

Kay lost a bet with Don (his radio partner on 1050 ESPN  Radio), and his punishment was to attend a New York Rangers game in full uniform. If Kay had won the bet, Don would’ve had to attend a New York Yankees game in a Yankees jersey and batting helmet. Kay was sitting in Sec. 62 with La Greca. Al Trautwig interviewed Michael in the stands. Trautwig said, “So, do you feel like a loser?” Kay responded, “Oh, I am a loser. I don’t feel like one.”

Trautwig: “So, dressed as a Ranger, you feel like a loser?” Kay: “No, dressed in a full Ranger uniform and not being on the ice. Are you trying to trap me, Al?”

The real question is…how did these guys manage to come up with a helmet big enough for his gigantic head? (more…)

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