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In the part three of our Yankees vs Red Sox series we look at the pitching for both teams. While we may not be able to predict with 100% accuracy which slot everyone fits into the rotation, we feel the assessments are generally inline with past history with both teams. You can see part one here and part two here.

Starting Rotation

CC Sabathia vs Josh Beckett

Edge: Slight Edge to CC. When I say slight, I mean as small as a piece of hair.  Both these pitchers are great front of the rotation aces that anyone would have on their team. Last year CC proved he could pitch in NY and on short rest in the playoffs which is great. The fact that CC is a lefty provides the slimmest of margins in their comparison.

AJ Burnett vs Jon Lester

Edge: Lester. The previous two years Lester has really come into his own going 31-14 with a sub 3.50 ERA and 377 K’s. While AJ’s line for the previous two years is comparable, 31-19 with a 4.06 ERA and 426 K’s, his propensity for wildness and being prone to injuries give Lester the edge here. (more…)

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