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Luis Castillo, the Yankees batboy from 1998-2005 has come out with a new memoir entitled “Clubhouse Confidential.” He shares some secrets and some of his favorite memories while holding the position. Here’s just a peak at what it’s all about:

It was before Game 7 of the 2004 American League Championship Series, a game  that we would lose. The series was tied 3-3 at that point, and it was  particularly disheartening since we had won the first three games. Unknown to  us, Boston’s comeback was not to be stopped.

At any rate, at the end of the meeting it was traditional for Joe Torre to  ask Jorge Posada what we were going to do. He would reply, “Grind it!” This time  — I guess to make Hideki Matsui feel more part of the team — Torre turned to him at the end of the  meeting.

“What are we going to do?”Hideki paused for just a second before replying. “Kick ass. Pop champagne. And get some ho’s.”

Yankee fans are on the rise in Queens. “Transit direction website HopStop.com sifted through its database of searches to Yankee Stadium and Citi Field since opening day and found that the city leans heavily toward the pinstripes. In fact, more than 68% of travelers who used HopStop were headed to the Stadium in the Bronx, based on more than 100,000 queries.”

Yanks need a starter for Tuesday  Since Phil Hughes entered tonight’s game in the bottom of the 10th inning, the Yankees will need to decide on who to start Tuesday’s game. According to Wallace Matthews, “A. J. Burnett will probably replace Hughes on Tuesday, and either Bartolo Colon or Ivan Nova would go on Wednesday.”


I recently had a canvas commissioned at Easy Canvas Prints of my late grandparents. The quality of their work is exceptional, and it seriously blew me away when I first opened up the package. Their customer service was terrific and was delivered in a timely fashion. So, if you have any interest in getting a canvas done of a iconic sports moment, a family photo, or quote..you now know where to go. (more…)

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This past Friday, the Bruins and Flyers squared off  in the New Years Day Winter Classic. Fenway park was packed to the gills, and those fans got to see a great game.

There was a lot of talk going on that Yankee Stadium would be the #1 choice for 2011 New Years Winter Classic game, but we find out that the NCAA Yankee Bowl game might interfere with those plans. 

The Yankees have already made an agreement with the NCAA to host a college football game there from 2011-2013. They claim that the bowl game could be played from Dec. 25-Jan. 1. 

Could the Yankee Bowl and Winter Classic be held on the same field in such a short time span? The NHL needs a seven-day build out plan for the Winter Classic venues. That would prevent the league from setting up a rink. The new bowl game supposedly doesn’t have a television contract just yet, so that means it’s not locked into a date. So, does that eliminate the idea of them playing in the Bronx from 2011-2013? Maybe if the Yankee Bowl date was changed, then maybe it can be done.

The New York Rangers would be the team to play in the Bronx. The Bruins, Devils, or Canadiens are rivals of the Broadway Blueshirts, and they could definitely be a practical opponent. I would say the NY Islanders, but I just don’t see that happening because the NHL would want to stretch their ratings outside of the New York market. With both teams being in New York, they are limiting their viewers to one location. (more…)

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