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NY Daily News

Chris Russo made back page headlines in yesterday’s paper when he called out his former partner, Mike Francesa, for going easy on Alex Rodriguez. Chris Russo admits himself that he’s “buddy buddy” with MLB commissioner Bud Selig, and spoke about how everyone in the business has their own “favorites.” Alex joined Mike in studio along with his lawyer, Jim McCarroll, fielding questions from The Sports Pope.

Alex said he “lost his mind” and “banged a table and kicked a briefcase” out of frustration when he realized that Bud Selig wasn’t coming in from Milwaukee to face him in person. He explained that it shows a lack of courage on the Selig’s behalf for handing out a 211-game suspension for something he didn’t do. Rodriguez said, “I shouldn’t serve one inning.” When asked if he used performance enhancing drugs, A-Rod simply stated, “no.”

What do you guys think? Was Mike giving A-Rod a “soft landing”?

Francesa/Alex Rodriguez Interview: Part 1 & Part 2


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Chris “Mad Dog” Russo reunited for a segment on Mike Francesa’s show on Radio Row in Indianapolis. It’s almost as if the two never split up. I don’t know about you guys, but I wish these guys were still back on the air together. It just seems so right.

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This post is dedicated to a man who once said he would give back one of his children if he could witness a Giants World Series Championship. After 51 long years, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo finally got it. After the last out of the Fall Classic was recorded, I know a lot of New Yorkers who were dedicated listeners to the “Mike and the Mad Dog” show thought about what was going through Russo’s mind. Sirius XM Radio wouldn’t let Russo go on with Mike yesterday on WFAN, so this is the best we can do. From Neil Nest of Newsday:

Mike Francesa said he invited Chris Russo to open the WFAN show today but that Sirius XM did not permit Russo to come on. “I was gonna do Mike today. Then I thought about it and I said that’s not fair to the folks who employ me now, to the folks who bought the subscription. I didn’t feel that was fair to do anything but here first. I love Mike. It’s got nothing to do with that. I just felt for here, this is where I’ve got to be first.”

 “I never would have thought I ever would have seen it.”

Monologe Part 1 & 2


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Chris Russo is right about one thing. The Yankees did get annihilated by the Texas Rangers. The idea that Phil Hughes isn’t a very good pitcher because he didn’t pitch well int he ALCS is a whole other topic. Give it a listen:

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Watching these guys reunited for one show yesterday made me realize how good of a duo these guys were. Nobody could ever match what these guys had together. If you didn’t tune in yesterday, than you should check this stuff out:

Mike and the Mad Dog Reunion Show – October 16, 2009

Mike Francesa Wishes Chris “Mad Dog” Russo a Happy 50th Birthday on SIRIUS XM

Craig Carton & Gregg Giannotti did a little Mike and the Mad Dog roleplay. It’s hilarious. Here is My favorite Chris Russo impersonation. This is complete audio of the M&TMD Reunion Show. (more…)

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Chris and Mike are at Yankee Stadium together. Who would have thought?  This is the first time they have reunited since they broke up 14 months ago. This is classic! It’s so nice to see them getting along. Haha

Mike and the Mad Dog

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