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Before you rip into presents, go to midnight Mass, start the airing of grievances and feats of strengths, there are a few items of business to pass along in Yankees land.

While it is not part of Yankees news, I came across a website selling Yankees Ornaments and other Christmas goodness. The website is New York Yankees Christmas. Now, you can go open your early presents, air your grievances, have your feats of strength, etc al.

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UPDATE 8:38pm:

Johnny Damon has indicated through his people that if the Yankees were to offer less than $13 million per year to not even send in an offer.

Man, talk about someone who thinks highly of himself. The ball is in Cashman’s court now, time to see how Cashman returns Damon’s serve..


Apparently, Johnny Damon does not care to play the waiting game with Brian Cashman.

Johnny Damon had this to say yesterday:

I am going to start looking around. Teams are getting better and there are teams interested, I can’t wait forever and I am sure [the Yankees] are trying to figure things out. I have to be ready.

At this point in time with the Yankees highly unlikely to be involved in the sweepstakes for Jason Bay OR Matt Holliday, Johnny Damon has become their best option on the free agent market.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, Damon is still seeking a 3 year/$39 million contract. Which might be a little bit richer than what Brian Cashman is wanting. Damon references Pettitte’s raise in salary and the fact that Mike Cameron got two years from Boston as reasons why he wants what he wants.

Considering what options are available (Carlos Delgado, Juan Miranda, Mike Jacobs), if I were Brian Cashman, I would almost try to come close to that offer, maybe make the third year an option year. If Cashman didn’t sit back and let things develop, the Yankees might not even be in this situation. I hope Cashman has some sort of plan, because if he does, he’s not letting us know.

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According to Jon Heyman’s tweet and Mark Feinsand’s confirmation over the last few hours, Hideki Matsui is now an Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim. He signed a 1 year contract for $6.5 million. While I knew this was going to happen — Matsui leaving — it still is a sad event.

You know, this is the second year in a row that the Angels signed a Yankees free agent. Last year Bobby Abreu was signed by the Angels right before Spring Training and had a decent year. I wonder how Godzilla will fare out West?

Oddly enough, Hideki Matsui will be at Yankees Stadium when they raise the banner and hand out the World Series rings as they Yankees host the Angels for their first homestand April 13-15th. Expect a standing ovation.

The real question is, now that Matsui is out of the picture, who’s left to DH? Johnny Damon, Carlos Delgado, Mike Jacobs, Juan Miranda? Who knows…Now that Cashman blew the pooch, it’s his to fix.

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