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The Downtown Alliance started placing black granite markers on Broadway back in 2003, commemorating all of the ticker-tape parades that have gone down the Canyon of Heroes dating back to 1886. Bella Foxx has provided us with some photos of the markers dedicated to the Yankees, dating back to 1996. I’ve never personally noticed or heard about these markers before the 2009 marker was put down just a few weeks ago. I’ll have to check it out one day.

and there’s rome for more…how about #28?


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Every member of the New York Yankees organization received a “Key to the City” today. As each player’s name was called out, Mayor Michael Bloomberg handed each person a key. The running joke these days is..what does this key actually do for you?

Phil Hughes says: “Does this actually unlock anything?”  This is a picture of Phil Hughes key:

Hughes Key to the City

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