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Hope Week stands for: Helping Others Preserve & Excel

Throughout the week, the Yankees organization reached out to a few individuals and an organization they felt was worthy of being recognized this year. The whole Yankees team was involved, including coaching staff. According to Jason Zillo (the Yankees’ director of media relations), said that the team was really looking forward to participating in this event. When it was time to sign up, the players rushed to the sign-up sheet to choose which event they wanted to participate in. When watching the videos and looking at all the photos taken during the week, it was nice to see the enthusiasm from the players and how involved they really were.

The Yankees organization is the only one involved with this HOPE WEEK event. The other teams in Major League Baseball don’t do this. Jason Zillo (and all those who helped him) deserves a lot of credit for putting this event together.

Jane Lang, Jorge Grajales, Mohamed Kamara, Johanna & Melida Arias and all those involved with Beautiful People experienced something that they will never forget. They delivered five inspiring stories that made this week stand out among all the others this season. They opened peoples eyes, and showed us what real problems are all about. They give hope and inspiration to others. 

Jon Lane has got it all covered on his blog, Life in the Fast Lane:

Hope Week: Jane LangBeautiful PeopleJorge GrajalesMohamed Kamara

The last event Hope Week event was today: Johanna and Melida Arias


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