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Andrew Marchand reports that Javier Vazquez has a dead arm. If true, it certainly helps explain why Javy reverted to his 2nd half of 2004 form on Friday night, when a depleted Red Sox lineup used him as their personal pinata.

As Yankee fans remember (only all too well) it was a sore-armed Vazquez who imploded late in the 2004 season, capped by an epic grand slam allowed to Johnny Damon in game seven of that year’s ALCS. The implications for this year’s team could be no less dire. Phil Hughes is quickly approaching his innings limit for the season. If Vazquez remains ineffective and AJ Burnett remains inconsistent, that leaves the Yankees with only two starters they can remain confident in, CC Sabathia and Andy Pettite. And don’t forget, Pettite is battling an injury of his own. The¬†confluence¬†of events could see the team limping into the playoffs with an overworked bullpen and both Dustin Moseley and Sergio Mitre in the rotation.

Personally, if Vazquez is hurting, I’d rather see the team shut him down now for a start or two. Hopefully, he comes back form a brief rest throwing as well as he did in June. If he can’t, then at least it gives the Yankees time to try and figure out an alternative – rather than count on an ineffective pitcher in the stretch drive. The potential for completely screwing up the season that matters most, the one in October, is too great to risk in August.

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