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I thought I would wrap up Spring Training before the game starts tonight. Here are some things you might have missed:

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     A-Rod called Selena Roberts to apologize for the things he said during the ESPN interview with Peter Gammons. That was nice of him. Haha. He supposedly called her last Wednesday, but she wouldn’t comment until he held his news conference down in Tampa on Tuesday.

Rodriguez said Roberts was “trying to throw things out there that in high school I tried steroids. I mean, that’s the biggest bunch of baloney I’ve ever heard in my life” and that “this lady is coming out with all these allegations, all these lies.”

Rodriguez had also accused her of “stalking” him and of trying to break into his Florida home. A Miami Beach Police spokesman said Roberts did not try to break into Rodriguez’s home.

“The allegations made by Alex Rodriguez are absurd,” Roberts told the MLB Network.


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     Well it’s Superbowl Sunday and there’s not much to report today. My prediction..24-17 Cardinals. I’m rooting for Arizona by the way. Haha. Hope everyone has a great day. Here are a few updates:

Chad Jennings updates us on Alan Horne and Chase Wright….

Alan Horne (right) said his right shoulder is “doin great” and that his rehab is progressing nicely. He’s up to 50 throws from 120 feet and said he expects to be throwing off a mound soon. I didn’t ask if he knows where the Yankees expect him to start the season — I doubt he knows — but based on their handling of Mark Melancon and J.B. Cox, I’m betting Horne opens in Tampa or extended spring because of the weather. I realize he didn’t go through the same surgery as Melancon or Cox, but still, shoulder surgery on a pitcher won’t be taken lightly in an organization as cautious as the Yankees.

Chase Wright had less to say, mostly because he doesn’t have any answers. I asked if he had heard anything about waivers or a possible claim and Wright started his answer with a question: What do you think? If you think players are the first to find out about this sort of thing, you’re absolutely wrong. Wright hasn’t heard anything and I’m not exactly sure when he and the rest of us will finally know his 2009 organization. News of his DFA came out on Tuesday, but the move itself might technically have happened on Monday when the Yankees signed Pettitte. I’m not sure. All that matters is the end result — whether Wright’s still a Yankee — and so far even Wright himself doesn’t know.

According to Peter Abraham..this is what Joe Torre will be up to the next few days:

The Joe Torre “What’s the big deal?” book tour will hit New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Book signings:
Tuesday: Barnes & Noble, 555 Fifth Avenue, New York City, 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday: Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center, Little Falls, N.J., 7 p.m.
Wednesday: Borders Books, 100 Broadway. New York City, 1 p.m.
Wednesday: Bookends, 232 East Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood, N.J., 7 p.m.

“All Things Considered” on NPR
Tuesday: Mike Francesa on WFAN
Wednesday: “Live with Regis and Kelly” on ABC
Wednesday: Chris Russo, wherever he disappeared to
Wednesday: Dave Letterman


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     According to The Ghost of Moonlight Graham, the Boston Red Sox do. I believe that the Yankees had the best bullpen in all of baseball last year, but things have changed since Joba moved into the rotation. The Joba Chamberlain/Mariano Rivera duo was unhittable and created the best 1-2 punch in the game. After the 7th inning..the game was pretty much over. I’m not trying to make a case that he belongs back in the pen..but I’m just stating the facts.

     The Yankees bullpen this year is filled with a lot of talent. They have a bunch of young guys in the pen, including David Robertson, Edwar Ramirez, & Phil Coke. They still have the best closer in the game. The statistics prove it.

this was his analysis of the Yankees:

4. New York Yankees – 24 Points

RH – Edwar Ramirez, Brian Bruney (2)

LH – Damaso Marte (6)

C – Mariano Rivera (10)

2008 bullpen era – 3.79 (6)

Analysis – With Joba Chamberlain slated to be in the starting rotation in 2009, the Yankees don’t have a dominate RH set up guy in pen. But when you have the greatest closer of all-time still on top of his game, you will always have a good bullpen.

     If the Yankees get Juan Cruz, then things could change. It should make things very interesting. Bullpens can be very difficult to grade, because they could be very good one year and very bad the next.


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