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This is the current state of the AL East. The Yankees in 1st place at 12-8, and the Red Sox in last at 9-12. That’s not to say this is the way it will end. That would be absolutely absurd. The Yankees still have 142 games left to play. It’s just nice to see a complete reversal of the projected standings thus far, based on many experts in the pre-season.

AL East Standings

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Without Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson, the Yankees have certainly held their own thus far. They’re playing above .500, rank towards the top of the league in home runs and they’ve got quality pitching from their rotation. Many of these so-called “experts” picked the Toronto Blue Jays as the favorite to win the AL East crown. Meanwhile, they’re laying in last place and sit 5.5 games back out of first place. These same analysts predicted that the Yankees and Red Sox would finish at the bottom of the division. I know it’s very early in the season, but it just goes to show that these wins occur on the ball field, not on paper. With all of these injured players the Yankees expect to come back at some point this season, there’s a positive outlook surrounding this ball club. So far, so good.

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Photo Courtesy of Kevin Rozell

When Hiroki Kuroda signed a one-year contract with the Yankees this past January, my initial reaction wasn’t so great. I’ve never been a fan of pitchers transfering from the National League to the American League. It just didn”t sit well with me, and we’ve seen plenty of pitchers come over and you see a big spike in their numbers; especially when they enter the AL East. You just think, “Here we go again.”

As the season has gone on, I’ve watched this guy and have been more than impressed. His W/L record doesn’t do him justice, and sometimes that’s beyond his control. He’s also on the verge of having a sub-3.00ERA. Maybe he’s not our so-called “ace,” as that’s really supposed to be CC’s rank, but he’s sure pitching like one. Let’s hope the best is yet to come.

Kuroda’s 2012 Stats: 159.0IP  (W-L) 11-8  3.06ERA  54ER  38BB  121K

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Just a few weeks ago, the Baltimore Orioles sat 10 games back in the Al East. Now, they sit 4.5 games back. If the Yankees want to take home the division crown, they better get their act together quickly. Winning only 3 of their last 10 games, and currently riding a two game losing streak, Sabathia gets the nod tonight against the Tigers to set things straight. Here’s the matchup.

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With the Yankees riding a seven game winning streak, they are now officially tied with the Boston Red Sox for first place in the American League East Division with a record of 68-42 (.618 PCT).

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With 34 games left to play, the Yankees and Rays are tied for first place. The Red Sox stand 4.5 GB, and have played one more game than both Tampa and New York. Some will say the Sox are already out, while other fans think you can’t say that until they are mathematically eliminated. The Blue Jays and Orioles are already out of the race.

With a few weeks left in the season, the race is tightening and it should make for an exciting finish. I don’t think there’s a debate on whether the Yankees are making the postseason, but rather how they will get in. Will they take the East or Wild Card?


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From SeatGeek.com:

Attention Red Sox and Yankees fans – wait to buy tickets to either of their two upcoming AL East showdowns. As of 8/24/2010  Seatgeek.com is forecasting that the series in the Bronx on 9/24-9/26 will see a Sharp decrease in the average price per ticket between now and the series. Similarly, today we are also forecasting a Moderate decrease in ticket price for the games at Fenway Park 10/1-10/03, the final series of the season for either team. Despite the price forecast for each game, tickets to this series are currently going for more than the highest average ticket price for MLB last week.

A lot can change in the AL East despite the 5.5 game lead that the Rays and Yankees have maintained over their division rivals, the Red Sox. Both the AL Wild Card and a Division Championship are still a reality for the Red Sox, although it will require keeping pace and strong performances in each of their final two series with the Yankees. No matter how awesome the AL East race could be if the Red Sox can keep pace, we can’t deny that it is still a HUGE IF.

Below, you can see the average prices per ticket for both of the upcoming series:

  • The most affordable tickets for the first series are to the 9/26/10 game at Yankee Stadium , with an average ticket price of $116.33, and can be found for as cheap as $40 a ticket.
  • The most affordable tickets for the final series can be found for the season finale on 10/3/10 at Fenway Park, with an average ticket price of $142.29, and tickets can be found for as cheap as $87 a ticket.

  • This graph shows the data sorted from high price to low price, and you can see that the final series in Boston is holding a higher average price
  • The most expensive tickets for 10/2/2010 game can at Fenway can be had for an average of $169.13, and as low as $88 per ticket

The average price per series is indicated below:

  • Ticket Prices for the  final series of the season between the Yankees and Red Sox at Fenway park are an average of 22.6% higher than the series in the Bronx.

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Over the next 11 games, the Yankees will play the Royals, Tigers and Mariners. All of them sit below the .500 mark. If the Yankees want to create some distance between their AL East rivals, this would be the time to do it.

Kansas City Royals (W-L, 47-67):  8/12-8/15  [4-Game Series]

Detroit Tigers (W-L, 55-59):  8/16-8/19  [4-Game Series]

Seattle Mariners (W-L, 44-71): 8/20-8/22  [3-Game Series]

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Update: 11:45PM ET: With another Yankees victory, the Rays stand 2.0GB and the Red Sox 6.0GB.

Update: 3:55PM ET: The Blue Jays came back to beat the Red Sox this afternoon, pushing Boston 5.5GB behind the Yankees.

“Just put me on a pace to win one more game than anybody else..that’s the only pace that matters.” -George M. Steinbrenner III

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Kevin Dame over at Visual Baseball has done some research on the Yankees and their AL East rivals, and looks at what players are earning their paychecks. The results may surprise you.

“PayScale plots prorated salary (Y axis) against WAR (X axis) and uses a rough baseline of $4.5M per win as “fair compensation.” Players which a higher $/win are classified as overpaid, while players with a lower $/win are classified as bargains.


For the Yankees, it’s the rock-solid value (still!) of their old guard of Posada, Jeter, Rivera, and Pettitte. For the Red Sox, it’s the tremendous value they’re getting out of Youkilis, Lester, Buchholz, and Pedroia (Boston’s younger version of the Yankees’ old guard).”


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