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Joe Niekro’s Knuckleball Lives On: A great story that aired on E: 60 about a girl, Chelsea Baker, who is the best little league pitcher in the country. She was taught how to throw a knuckleball by former Yankee, Joe Niekro.

Montero: “All my dreams are with this team.”: Jesus Montero spoke out about the possibility of being traded not too long ago. “I just want to focus and do my job,” he said.  “True, I can be in the big leagues. But all my dreams are with this team. Whatever they do, I’m going to have to live with it. But I want to stay here. I love the Yankees.”

The Boss and his turtlenecks:  Heather Zeller over at A Glam Slam talks about Steinbrenner’s fashion sense. “The NY Yankees will forever be synonymous with the classic navy and white pinstripes, just as George will forever be associated with his trademark navy blazer and white turtleneck combo. His favorite accessory, other than a pompous grin, was of course his aviators. Not to mention those 7 World Series rings.  And while we don’t often look at turtlenecks as an overly masculine article of clothing, somehow George made them appear powerful and even a bit scary.”

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Heather Zeller over at A Glam Slam has provided us with an inside look at what the Legends Suite experience is all about. The private elevators, extravagant dining rooms, the wide array of food, and the servers waiting on you hand and foot are going to make you feel like a very important person. You may even bump into a celebrity while you’re there. You can walk into a private bathroom, and watch the game on a flat screen tv, and you’ll be sure to have plenty of toilet paper to wipe your ass with. Now, that’s what it’s all about. When you get to your cushioned seats, you will feel like the players are standing right next to you..because they are! If I ever get a chance to sit there, I’m not sure I would ever leave.

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