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Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News

Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News

Jack Curry broke the story via Twitter:

The Yankees have signed Andy Pettitte to a 1-year minor league deal worth $2.5 million. The team is thrilled to have 240-game winner back.

Who saw this coming? I can’t say I did, although when I first heard he was retiring I thought he would have an itch to come back. The man is only 39 years old, and that’s not so “out there” considering how many pitchers play into their 40’s these days.

The Yankees rotation looks like this as of now: Sabathia-Kuroda-Nova-Pineda-Hughes-Garcia. When, and IF Pettitte makes it up to the major leagues, someone is going to have to bepushed out of the rotation. Obviously, we can’t predict the future (injuries, trades, etc.), so there might even be a spot available depending on how the season plays out. It’s going to take some time for him to get in playing shape, so he won’t be joining the team anytime soon.

Yankees Universe has a really great love and admiration for Andy. The outpouring from fans in response to this news clearly shows how happy we all are to have #46 back. The man came to spring training this year as an instructor, and he clearly got that itch to put the pinstripes on again. Welcome Back, Andy.

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Joe Girardi has chosen the NY Giants to prevail over the New England Patriots to win Superbowl XLVI. I’m not going to argue with a prediction like that. He says the G-Men will win 27-24. Girardi said that he’s a fan of Tom Coughlin’s work and they’ve even been known to exchange text messages after a victory.

I can only imagine the texts that those two send. I love Coughlin, but I’m quite surprised that he knows how to send text messages. Maybe Girardi texts Coughlin to run more with Bradshaw after referencing his trusted all-knowing binder?

I figured in honor of the Giants, I would make this post. GO GIANTS!

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