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Could C.C. reach 300 wins? He’s got 149 career wins and he just turned 30 last month. I don’t think it’s out of the question. If he really wants it, a few extra years in the major leagues should do the trick. If he plays until he’s 40, he’s going to have to average about 15 wins a year for the next 10 years.   

Is Monument Park big enough? When the new Yankee Stadium was built, you heard many complaints about how you couldn’t see Monument Park from your seat in the stadium. The old stadium’s park was wide open and was visible from basically any seat in the house. The new one is more closed in. Nobody is arguing whether it’s good looking or not, but is it big enough to house all the Yankees greats?

At the moment, Yankees security guards need to count fans and send them in certain group numbers. As a person whose been to the new one several times, I can say that it gets pretty crowded in there. Sometimes it’s a struggle to even get a camera shot with all the fans walking all over the place. You have to figure that one day, Monument Park will have to be expanded. But how? There’s the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar overhead, and the bullpens/bleachers on both side of it.

Monuments: Steinbrenner, (Will Jeter get a monument? How about Rivera? They both rank at the top with the greatest players to ever put on the pinstripes)

Retired numbers: Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, Rodriguez, Torre, Williams (You might think it’s crazy now, but Sabathia, Teixeira [both thought to be franchise players] and Cano will likely have their numbers retired when it’s all said and done).

Plaques: You have to figure that some of the players who get their number retired, will also get a plaque up on the wall.

Here are a few more photos: Photo 1 – Photo 2 – Photo 3 – Photo 4 

Joe Girardi to the Cubs? Many have debated the topic, with Cubs manager, Lou Piniella, recently stating that he will be retiring at the end of the season. Girardi grew up in the Chicago area, went to college there and was even drafted by the Cubs. As Mike Axisa discussed, this will give him leverage with the Yankees when contract negotiations are brought up. Does it make sense for Joe? He would be leaving a World Series caliber ball club, for a team that hasn’t won a World Series in 102 years and is a total disaster.

If Joe was to leave (he never dismissed the possibility)….who would replace him as manager?

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