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Remember this epic ad from last season? A new one came out this year, which features Joe Girardi wearing his #28 jersey, representing the quest for that 28th World Series Championship. You’ve probably seen it in several of the Yankees publications.

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Bryan Hoch reports that the Yankees will hold a press conference tomorrow at Yankee Stadium to formally introduce Curtis Granderson to New York. I would assume that the YES Network will carry the press conference on its channel. I haven’t heard anything about the number controversy lately. Will he, or will he not be wearing #28?

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With the Curtis Granderson deal becoming official, a new question arises about what number he will wear on the back of his uniform. He wore #28 with Detroit, and he had the same number throughout his college years. Obviously, he knows that number is taken by Joe Girardi…so the idea is that he will have to go out and find a new number. Unless, Girardi wants to give up the magic number on his back.

Curtis also wore No. 2 & 8 in his youth, and those are taken by Derek Jeter and Yogi Berra/Bill Dickey.

 Girardi stated after the World Series that he would like to wear #28 on his back next season, but that could change.

Supposedly, Granderson said he would not make a fuss about the situation during a conference call yesterday. It really isn’t a major issue, but you know how some people are. He’s just not the type of guy that would want to cause trouble, and I can see him as a great personality in the clubhouse and a fan favorite. (more…)

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