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I just stumbled across the new 2010 World Series logo, and once again, I think the league has done a fantastic job designing the new patch. Let’s all hope the New York Yankees have these patches on the side of their hats come late October. What do you guys think of it? Is it better than last year’s? (more…)

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From George A. King III of the NY Post:

It hasn’t been made official but the Yankees will spend part of their day off a week from today at the White House, where they will be honored for winning the 2009 World Series by White Sox fan President Obama.

Yankees Notes:

It will be the third time since 2001 the Yankees will be honored at the White House. They were honored by George W. Bush that year for winning the 2000 World Series. In 1999, Bill and Hillary Clinton begrudgingly toasted them for sweeping the 1998 World Series. Last April, after failing to make the playoffs in 2008, a small group of Yankees that included Joba Chamberlain and Nick Swisher, took a tour of th White House.

The Yankees open a three-game series against the Orioles the next night

It’s always nice to have your team honored by the President of the United States. You kind of missed this kind of news, as the team was without a championship the previous nine seasons.

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The New York Yankees recieved their 2009 World Series rings today, during a pre-game ceremony at Yankee Stadium. Here are some pictures of the ring: (Photos Courtesy of Getty Images)




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The World Series rosters are in. The Yankees dropped their 3rd catcher, Francisco Cervelli and pinch runner OF Freddy Guzman from the World Series roster. Instead, they added Brian Bruney and Eric Hinske. These moves had to be made, and it all looks good now.

Pitching: 91 Alfredo Aceves RHP, 99 Brian Bruney RHP, 34 A.J. Burnett RHP, 62 Joba Chamberlain RHP, 48 Phil Coke LHP, 41 Chad Gaudin RHP, 65 Phil Hughes RHP, 43 Damaso Marte LHP, 46 Andy Pettitte LHP, 42 Mariano Rivera RHP, 30 David Robertson RHP, 52 CC Sabathia LHP

Hitting: 26 Jose Molina C, 20 Jorge Posada C, 24 Robinson Cano INF, 17 Jerry Hairston, Jr. INF/OF, 2 Derek Jeter INF, 13 Alex Rodriguez INF, 25 Mark Teixeira INF, 53 Melky Cabrera OF, 18 Johnny Damon OF, 11 Brett Gardner OF, 14 Eric Hinske OF , 55 Hideki Matsui OF, 33 Nick Swisher OF/INF

Coaching Staff: 27 Joe Girardi MGR, 58 Dave Eiland COACH, 57 Mike Harkey COACH, 50 Mick Kelleher COACH, 54 Kevin Long COACH, 56 Tony Pena COACH, 59 Rob Thomson COACH

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     This off-season is one for the ages. The Yankees made headlines day in and day out. This team makes news 365 days a year, and it just amazes me. Let’s go take a look at what went on this off-season:

  1. Giambi, Pavano, & Abreu, Betemit, I-Rod, Rasner, & Ponson leave the Yankees.
  2. The Yankees bring in CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Mark Teixeira, & Nick Swisher.
  3. Joe Torre published a new book, called “The Yankee Years”. A-Rod is called “A-Fraud”.
  4. Alex Rodriguez allegedly used steroids back in 2003.
  5. Joba Chamberlain will be a starter in 2009.
  6. The Yankees bring back Pettitte for another year.
  7. The New Yankee Stadium is going to be unbelievable.
  8. David Wells thinks Torre is a Punk and he wants to knock him out. Haha
  9. The Yankees have a new inaugural season stadium patch
  10. Bernie Williams still wants to play baseball.
  11. The Yankees are the favorites to win the 2009 World Series
  12. The Yankees have the best rotation and overall team on paper.
  13. Jeter will face his own team in the WBC.
  14. Ajack & Montero make the Top 50 Prospects in MLB
  15. Joba Chamberlain arrested on DUI charge

I’m sure I’m missing some stuff, but that pretty much sums up the Yankees crazy off-season.



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