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Since bursting onto the scene in the 1995 ALDS versus the Mariners, Mariano Rivera  has been nothing short of spectacular. After a decade and a half of sheer excellence, it almost becomes hard not to take Rivera for granted. We all know the drill, Enter Sandman, 2 or 3 broken bats on the cutter, perhaps a flare hit or two, and the vast majority of the time Rivera is walking off the mound shaking Jorge’s hand after another Yankees victory. However, the most amazing part of Mo’s career is that arguably at the ripe age of 40, he is having the best season of his HOF career, yet somehow it is flying under the radar. Let’s look at the numbers.

  • His ERA this season is 1.18, which would be the lowest of his 16 year career (previous low 1.38 ERA in 2005)
  • His WHIP this season is 0.723, which would be the 2nd lowest of his career (previous low 0.665 WHIP in 2008)
  • Mo has a 341 ERA+ this year which is the best of his career (previous best was in 2008 with a 319 ERA+). To put that number into perspective, Mo’s career 205 ERA+ is the all-time leader!
  • Thus far, Mo has only allowed 1 HR in 45.2 IP this year. His previous low was in 2005 when he allowed 2 HR in 78.1 IP or 1 HR/39 IP.
  • Currently Mo is allowing 5.1 H/9 which would be the lowest of his career. (previous best 5.2 H/9 in 2008)
  • Mo’s career splits versus LHB is .205 AVG/.256 OBP/.261 SLG and against RHB .214/.268/.319. This season Mariano versus RHB (granted small sample size: 86 AB) is .128/.176/.186. In those 86 AB he has allowed only 11 hits with 27 Ks and only 2 BB.

Strong arguments can also be made for 1996 being Mo’s best year (highest single season WAR – 5.4 with 107 IP and a 2.09 ERA) as can the 2004, 2005 or 2008. No matter which you pick however, they’re all tremendous seasons put together by the greatest reliever of all-time. So which do you think is Rivera’s best ever? I’ll say 2010.

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