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Back in 1987, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder George Bell refused to talk to the beat writers who surrounded his locker after the game because Suzyn Waldman was present. At the time, women had just started to get locker room access. Bell started screaming at her as she approached his locker. Enter Barfield.

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     In 1985, Yogi Berra was brought back to manage the Yankees after an 87-win 1987 campaign. Steinbrenner wasn’t very happy with Berra’s laid back managing style. George wanted him in his players faces, but Berra would do nothing of the sort. After 16 games into the season, the club owned a 6-10 record and that was enough for George to let Yogi go. Billy returned, thinking that George would get off his back.

Billy made a pact with Steinbrenner. The terms of the deal were that George could not enter the clubhouse or deliver speeches to the team, while Billy would have to fine players on a whim. And that’s exactly what Billy did. Peter Golenbock says: “He fined Phil Niekro for giving up a grand slam home run. He fined Rich Bordi for not trimming his mustache, and he fined Bobby Meachem one time for swinging at the first pitch.” He goes onto say: “It got so bad that Niekro described Billy as “The Maddest of the Game’s Madmen.” By mid-season, Steinbrenner would be down his throat once again, causing Billy to continue drinking himself to death. (more…)

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Last year, it was the “The Year of the Walk-Off.” This year, it’s the “Year of the Grand Slam.” The Yankees have hit nine grand slams this season, which is only one shy of the club record set in 1987. Mattingly actually hit six of those grand slam’s in ’87 (Fun Fact: Don never hit a grand slam before or after 1987). With 74 games left to play, I’m sure the team will shatter that record.

May 14th: Alex Rodriguez vs. Matt Guerrier (MIN)

May 28th: Robinson Cano vs. Tony Sipp (CLE)

May 31st: Alex Rodriguez vs. Chris Perez (CLE)

June 8th: Curtis Granderson vs. Kevin Millwood (BAL

June 12th: Jorge Posada vs. Wandy Rodriguez (HOU)

June 13th: Jorge Posada vs. Casey Daigle (HOU)

June 20th: Mark Teixeira vs. Johan Santana (NYM)

July 3rd: Brett Gardner vs Brandon Morrow (SEA)

July 6th: Alex Rodriguez vs Trevor Cahill (OAK)


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Here are two pretty cool WPIX Ch. 11 Yankee Baseball promos from 1987. I thought I would bring some of you guys back to the days when the Yankees were terrible.


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