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Do you want some new gear for the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight? I suggest you guys check out BaldVinny.com. It’s the official home for Right Field Bleacher Creature apparel. The site is owned and operated by Vinny Milano, who leads the roll call in bleacher section 203. Why don’t you make the world a better place and order this shirt?


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For all of you guys that don’t know, there’s a new book out called: Roger Maris: Baseball’s Reluctant Hero (by Tom Clavin and Danny Perry). I just got the book a few days ago, and I find the history and behind the scenes stories fascinating. This is a MUST for any Yankee fan.

Book Info:
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: Touchstone Books (March 16, 2010)
“It would have been a helluva lot more fun if I had not hit those sixty-one home runs.” -Roger Maris 

About the Book (Press Release):

The definitive biography of the baseball legend who broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home-run record—the natural way—and withstood a firestorm of media criticism to become one of his era’s preeminent players.

Tom Clavin and Danny Peary trace the dramatic arc of Maris’s life, from his boyhood in Fargo through his early pro career in the Cleveland Indians farm program, to his World Series championship years in New York and beyond. At the center is the exciting story of the 1961 season and the ordeal Maris endured as an outsider in Yankee pinstripes, unloved by fans who compared him unfavorably to their heroes Ruth and Mantle, relentlessly attacked by an aggressive press corps who found him cold and inaccessible, and treated miserably by the organization. After the tremendous challenge of breaking Ruth’s record was behind him, Maris ultimately regained his love of baseball as a member of the world champion St. Louis Cardinals. And over time, he gained redemption in the eyes of the Yankee faithful.

With research drawn from more than 130 interviews with Maris’s teammates, opponents, family, and friends, as well as 16 pages of photos, some of which have never before been seen, this timely and poignant biography sheds light on an iconic figure from baseball’s golden era—and establishes the importance of his role in the game’s history.

ROGER MARIS may be the greatest ballplayer no one really knows. In 1961, the soft-spoken man from the frozen plains of North Dakota enjoyed one of the most amazing seasons in baseball history, when he outslugged his teammate Mickey Mantle to become the game’s natural home-run king. It was Mantle himself who said, “Roger was as good a man and as good a ballplayer as there ever was.” Yet Maris was vilified by fans and the press and has never received his due from biographers—until now.

“Forty-nine years later, Roger Maris remains the authentic single-season home-run king. Perhaps too little, certainly too late in recent years, he has been venerated and vindicated. Better yet, in these pages, he is appreciated.”—BOB COSTAS (more…)

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Ruthless Baseball: Yankees Purified by Fire Stadium Construction by Harry Swanson

Ruthless Baseball: Yankees Purified by Fire Stadium Construction was written by Harry Swanson. This is the only book that documents the building of the “Stadium” in 1922/23. It covers from 1919 to 1923. Every issue, every penny fully accounted for. Ruth did more than build the Stadium, he saved the Yankees franchise from a forced

The book has been out there for a while, but I just started reading it and I can’t put it down. This book is for any Yankee fan, but it’s especially for those fans who love the rich history of this great organization. I suggest you go pick it up.

Summary: This story is about endless problems and assaults against the Yankee franchise between 1919 and 1923. It involves bookmakers, racetrack owners, bootleggers, gamblers, shakedown artist, promoters, murderers, those with political clout and simply an over supply of corrupt underhanded individuals. They would and could muscle anyone that was a threat or hadn’t earned the right to succeed. (more…)

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Cover Image

Marty Appel has come out with a new book  162-0: Imagine a Yankees Perfect Season. It’s a must read for any Yankee fan. The book delivers the greatest wins of all-time in the history of the New York Yankees. Do you ever dream of the Yankees having a perfect season? Well, then this book is for you.

Even the greatest baseball teams lose 30 percent or more of their games each season. The 2009 New York Yankees are a perfect example of that, as they won 63.6% of their regular season games and went on to win a championship.
The book includes foreword from former Yankee and Red Sox killer Bucky Dent. Some of the most memorable victories include:
  • Mickey Mantle’s Yankee debut against Boston on April 17, 1951
  • Babe Ruth omering in the first-ever game player at Yankee Stadium on April 18, 1923
  • Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak reacing 56 games in Clevelandon July 16, 1941
  • Derek Jeter tying Lou Gehrig’s record for most Yankees hits on September 9, 2009

A little bit more about the author: Marty Appel: Former New York Yankees Public Relations Director and thier Emmy Award-winning TV producer, is the author of 18 books including the New York Times best seller Munson: the Life and Death of a Yankee Captain, the Yankees classic memoir Now Pitching for the Yankees, and collaborations with Tom Seaver, Bowie Kuhn, Larry King and umpire Eric Gregg. He runs Marty Appel Public Relations (www.AppelPR.com) out of New York City.

The book’s publishing company is Triumph Books. It was just released in March 2010 and is 256pp. I suggest you guys pick it up. (more…)

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Typically available only to sportswriters, broadcasters and Yankees players, coaches and front office staff, the New York Yankees 2010 Media Guide is the ultimate insider’s resource and collectible. The Media Guide contains complete stats and biographies of every current player and coach in the entire Yankees organization, along with the definitive written and statistical history of the club since its inception in 1903. Sleek, portable, and with hundreds of photos of Yankees past and present, the Yankees 2010 Media Guide is simply the best and most comprehensive book about the Yankees anywhere. Pre-order your copy of the New York Yankees 2010 Media Guide today. All media guide orders will be shipped during the second week of March. Serious collectors please note the additional availability of a limited-edition, front-office spiral-bound version of the Yankees 2010 Media Guide. After initial distribution to Yankees front office personnel and select media members, remaining copies from the 750-book run will be made available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Buy One Today (more…)

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Yankees By the Numbers is a book dedicated to giving you the history behind the pinstriped men who wore each and every uniform number, beginning in 1929. Bill Gutman wrote this book, who is a freelance author of more than 200 books for both children and adults including It’s Outta Here! The History of the Home Run from Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds and Parcells: A Biography.
The story of the world’s most popular baseball team as told through a history of its uniform numbers. What do Mark Koenig, Red Rolfe, Frank Crosetti, Sandy Alomar, Bobby Murcer, Wayne Tolleson, and Derek Jeter all have in common? They all wore #2 for the New York Yankees, even though nearly eight decades have passed between the first time Koenig buttoned up a Yankee uniform with that number and the last time Jeter performed the same routine.
Since 1929, the Yankees have issued 73 different numbers to more than 1,500 players. The fun facts and information Gutman provides behind each number is really amazing. Yankees By The Numbers is both a reference tool as well as a historical guide. It’s an essential book for any fan’s bookshelf.

The book was plublished by Skyhorse Publishing (March 16, 2010), and is 432 pages long. I suggest you guys pick it up.

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According to the beckettblog, Topps released a bunch of New York Yankees “pie cards” in the new 2010 Topps baseball card set. These insert cards are short-printed in the set.

And there’s another hidden SP in 2010 Topps Series 1. The company offered this hint: “Who would Abe Lincoln’s favorite team be?”

The “Pie Cards”:

No. 400 Alex Rodriguez- 5/16/09
No. 475 Johnny Damon- 5/17/09
No. 120 Jorge Posada- 7/4/09
No. 185 Hideki Matsui- 7/20/09
No. 400 Alex Rodriguez- 8/7/09
No. 370 Robinson Cano- 8/12/09
No. 370 Robinson Cano- 8/28/09
No. 65 Nick Swisher- 9/8/09
No. 422 Francisco Cervelli- 9/16/09
No. 579 Juan Miranda- 9/29/09
No. 250 Mark Teixeira- 10/9/09
No. 88 Jerry Hairston Jr.- 10/17/09

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Here is some of the latest news, notes and rumors that are floating around the Yankees blogosphere over the past week:

Yanks bring aboard Segovia as a non-roster invitee. “The Yankees have invited righty reliever Zack Segovia to Spring Training as a non-roster player.”

First Karstens. Then Jackson. Now Claggett. A few days ago Anthony Claggett was designated for assignment from the Pirates

According to Newsday’s Ken Davidoff, the Yankees “went after [John] Smoltz hard before they acquired Javier Vazquez.”

The New York Mets are among the teams interested in Chien-Ming Wang. “The Mets are among 15 teams with interest in Wang, according to Alan Nero, who along with Alan Chang represents the former Yankee.”

The guys over at RAB debate whether Derek Jeter can aim his hits

Alex Rodriguez was in New York the other day to receive the Babe Ruth Award from the New York Chapter of the BBWAA.

ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted that the Yankees never made an offer to Jerry Hairston Jr.

“New Era Japan have just released their new 8 panel BB cap collection – a throwback style wool cap in New York Yankees and Boston Red Socks options. These are good.” -Via HighSnobiety


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Summers in the Bronx by Ira Berkow: Book Cover

Ira Berkow, the American Pulitzer Prize-winning sports reporter and columnist for the New York Times has come out with a new book called “Summers in the Bronx: Attila the Hun and Other Yankee Stories.”

The former New York Times columnist captures the history of this great franchise, as he shares his collection of opinions and stories. The memories of Ruth and DiMaggio to reflections on Derek Jeter and the 27th WS title. The book also explores George Steinbrenner, Mickey Mantle, Casey Stengel and many others. Berkow wants readers to get some new insight into the older Yankees with this book.

The book is being published by Triumph Books and is in bookstores now. I’ll be sure to pick one up soon. Go ahead and buy it.


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Chris Speakman, a lifelong lover of sports created “Sports Propaganda”. He makes limited edition sports prints to recruit fans to support their favorite team. Chris’s work has been featured in the Boston Sunday Globe, ESPN.com and on CBS-Boston TV. I happen to think he does great work, and I thought I would share it with you guys. He has some really nice Yankee prints of Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter, the ’09 WS and ALCS. (more…)

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We are offering our readers an exclusive sale of a one of a kind Yankee Painting by Sports Artist Veronika Loginova. It’s the Yankee Stadium lithograph pictured below. The original Painting sold for $7500 and 300 copies were made and only 32 are left for sale. Feel free to check out Veronika Loginova’s website: CraceviaDesigns.com.

Place order today by emailing eric@cfapromo.com to reserve your piece of History. They can accept credit cards as well: For Credit Card orders call 888-371-3742 and ask for Eric. Mail checks to:  Eric Friedberg – 132 Crafts Street – Newton, MA 02460 (Make checks out to Eric Friedberg)

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