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Derek Jeter-HannahDavis

AP Photo/Kyodo News, Suo Takekuma

  • Not everyone in Japan knows who Derek Jeter is. Some think he’s a catcher. Others have no idea who he is. That must be refreshing for him.
  • John Sterling unfortunately lost everything in an apartment fire. He lost all of his World Series rings in the blaze, except for 2009 (which he was wearing). Alex Rodriguez even offered him a place to stay.
  • Hannaah Davis landed the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Swimsuit Issue. I met her at the “Swim City” event in Manhattan and I got a chance to meet her. She was absolutely beautiful. I even asked her to take a selfie with me and she gladly did. She’s got my approval (not that she needs it).
  • Joe Torre wants everyone to keep quiet about A-Rod and let him play. Mr. T stated, “Obviously, what Alex did was wrong. He admits that. There’s nothing left for him to do but play baseball.”
Hannah Davis - Derek Jeter's Girlfriend

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Derek Jeter - Hideki Matsui

Source: Chris McGrath/Getty Images AsiaPac

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Hank Steinbrenner

Photo Credit: Uli Seit of the NY Times

A Hank Steinbrenner sighting. Hank attended a news conference for Hanks’ Yanks, which is the 18-and-under team that he sponsors.

In his first public appearance since the death of his father, George, on July 13, Steinbrenner, 53, said that the direction of the professional franchise would not change with his father gone: winning comes first, always, as it had when George was the principal owner. He also made a not-so-daring prediction that the Yankees would make the playoffs, but he declined to discuss the future of Manager Joe Girardi, whose contract expires after the season.

“It’s always going to be the same,” Steinbrenner said in a brief meeting with reporters. “We play to win. We do what we have to do to win. We don’t make a lot of money because of revenue sharing, and we don’t shy away from paying salaries.”

Reggie Jackson was considered to play the role of Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Tyra Banks dines at NYY Steak. “Tyra Banks having a model-appropriate dinner of “water, watermelon salad and shrimp cocktail” at NYY Steak at Yankee Stadium.”

Former Yankees manager, Joe Torre, was apparently approached about buying part of the LA Dodgers.  “I get people who make all kinds of suggestions all the time, and especially with the mood of everything going on around here right now it’s not surprising,” said Torre.

On the A-Rod/Diaz relationship:

And though skeptics claimed Diaz’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez was just a fling, it turns out they’re well-matched for each other.

An insider told press, “They met at the right time — they’re in tune with each other and ready for a serious commitment. Cameron love that Alex is hard-working, intelligent and sexy. For her, it’s the whole package.”

“She tells dirty jokes, drinks beer and can hold her own discussing just about any sport. Alex fell in love with her because she’s one of the guys, but can turn on the sex appeal and femininity too.”

Dan Cunnigham’s daily routine. Cunnigham is the head groundskeeper at Yankee Stadium.

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Mo v. the Captain: Joe Posnanski tries to figure out who has been the most important Yankee player since 1996.

Joe Pawlikowksi over at RAB talks about Phil Hughes developing curveball. He claims that Hughes has relied on his four-seam and cut-fastball (throwing them a combined 76.4 percent of the time) throughout the season. He’s thrown his curveball more often of late, but the pitch isn’t as effective as it once was.

Just a few days ago (Aug. 13th), Orlando Hernandez, pitched againt the Trenton Thunder. He’s attempting a comeback at the age of 44 with the Washington Nationals. I wonder how that will work out. We wish the best of luck to El Duque.

A 101 year-old Cubs fan, Harvey Pulawski, has some good advice for Yankees fans: “Stop stressing Yankee fans over the LITTLE things, your team always seems to make up for them in BIG ways.” Check out the story on Chris Shearn’s blog: Off The Wall: 101 Years of Agony

Ruth family photos hit auction block: “A collection of autographed Babe Ruth photos originally owned by his sister and never seen by the public have hit the auction block through SchulteAuctions.com. The collection consists of five original photos and an inner book cover, which was signed, dated and personalized by The Bambino to Mamie Margaret Ruth-Moberly. The items have been consigned by the family and have never before been Lonn Trostpublicly available.

Ethics commission calls for Gov. Paterson to pay $96K fine for free Yankees World Series tickets.

Yankees Fun Fact:Former Yankees outfielder, Glenallen Hill, is also known as “Spiderman.” It’s not for his love of the superhero, though. Hill suffers from severe arachnophobia. Hill has a particularly bad attack during his time with the Blue Jays. He has a nightmare about being covered in spiders. Hill jumps out of bed and crashes through a glass table, then falls down stairs, ending up on the 15-day DL.” (more…)

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Here is a link dump for you guys:

The 50 highest-earning American athletes (#5 A-Rod, #8 Jeter, #13 Sabathia, #35 Teixeira, #50 Burnett)

Yankees, Chinese noodle firm reach deal The New York Yankees have reached a four-year sponsorship agreement with a Chinese instant-noodle company. Uni-President Enterprises will get field-level signage between first base and the right-field foul pole. The Yankees say the company will also have a full-page ad in the team’s game program.”

The New York Post reports that Doc Gooden has abandoned his family.

We Hear from the New York Post: “That Strawberry’s Sports Grill opened on August 5th in Queens with more than $300,000 worth of game-used memorabilia, World Series trophies, signed photos and even Darryl Strawberry’s old locker from Shea Stadium, donated by such friends as Alex Rodriguez, Michael Jordan and Chuck Knoblauch.”

Ben Nicholson-Smith over at  MLB Trade Rumors wanted readers to imagine where Derek Jeter would end up if he didn’t sign with the New York Yankees. In my opinion, almost every team in Major League Baseball would want him. Of course some teams are already set with an all-star caliber shortstop (Hanley, Reyes, Furcal), but let’s not forget that Jeter has ranked at the top of his position for years. I don’t see why people want to even talk about the situation, considering he is a Yankee For Life. (more…)

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Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Do you remember that Yankee Stadium security guard who retrieved the 600th HR ball in Monument Park? Well, Jack Curry has his back-story:

From Jack Curry:

Frankie Babilonia was the 23-year old security guard who retrieved A-Rod’s 600th homer in Monument Park. “That was really cool,” he said.

Babilonia was filling in on the Monument Park post for another security guard so that’s why he was in position to get A-Rod’s 600th homer.

Frankie Babilonia told me that scooping up A-Rod’s 600th HR in Monument Park was “one of the coolest things in my life.” Kid was elated.

Frankie Babilonia has worked security at Stadium for 2 years, but has never met A-Rod. By day’s end, my guess is that will change.

As I spoke to Frankie Babilonia about retrieving A-Rod’s homer ball, someone joked he should have kept it. He said that was never a choice

As you can see from the picture above, Babilonia was invited to the press conference and he got the chance to meet Alex. He shook his hand, was given a autographed bat and posed for photos on the stage. I guess he was in the right place at the right time.

NEW YORK- AUGUST 04: Alex Rodriguez


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This photo comes from @MLB_Authentic (Via Twitter):

“A-Rod 600th HR ball has been authenticated and returned to the Yankees clubhouse manager”


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From TMZ:

The Mantle letter in question is actually a form response that Michael Kovalovsky — a lifelong Yankees fan — received in 1959 after he wrote a letter to The Mick.  However, Mick’s form letter is hand signed by the Hall of Famer … which is pretty freakin’ cool courthousenews.com.

According to the lawsuit, Kovalovsky loaned the 41-year-old letter — along with other cool memorabilia — to the Yankees last year. Problem is, according to the docs, the team failed to return all but one of the items. The lawsuit, filed in Florida, was first published on

The Yanks did promise, in writing, to return the items if they “locate them.” But when Kovalovsky asked about compensation in case the letter never turns up, his attorney tells TMZ the Yankees tried to argue that the Mantle letter wasn’t worth anything. 

Kovalovsky is suing the Bronx Bombers for $100k — to cover the value of his memorabilia (an estimated $15k) plus attorney’s fees. The Yankees have not returned calls for comment.

TMZ has a copy of the signed Mickey Mantle letter, but from what I can tell it isn’t much of anything. The letter seems to be just an acknowledgement from the New York Yankees. What I’m trying to say is..it looks like the Yankees used to send out large quantities of these letters to people who wrote to the organization, and they just filled in the addresses and names. The thing that makes it valuable though, is the fact that it’s on Yankees stationary and it’s hand signed by the great Mickey Mantle. This has more sentimental value, because the letter is actually addressed personally to Kovalsky. If it were to go up for auction..who would want that? If this were given to a baseball card company, that letter would most likely be chopped up and they would use the signature to make an autographed card of the Mick. The man should definitely get something from the New York Yankees organization for losing the letter, but $100K is outrageous.

Click on the banner to see the copy of the letter:


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I thought I would wrap up Spring Training before the game starts tonight. Here are some things you might have missed:

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On January 20th, Alex Rodriguez’s 500th home run ball will go up for auction. SCP Auctions will host this online auction, which also sold the balls Barry Bonds hit for his 755th and 756th home runs. Those two balls sold for $186,750 and $752,467. I wonder what this ball will fetch.  (more…)

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Ever wonder what the room, wardrobe, and sports collection of a Yankee Blogger looks like? Well here is a look:

Hanging over my bed:


After the jump, photos of my room, wardrobe, and sports collection. (more…)

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Mike Axisa over at River Ave. Blues visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY for the very first time. I am a little shocked he hasn’t been there before, but that’s great that he finally got to go.

The album contains of many Yankees related photos, including the new 2009 World Series display, Babe Ruth’s locker, Matsui’s bat from his grand slam against the Twins in 2003, Derek Jeter’s spikes from when he passed Lou Gehrig’s as the team’s all-time hit leader, a shovel they used to break ground on the New Stadium, Mike Mussina’s hat from his 20th win, Mo’s hat from his 400th save, A-Rod’s helmet from his 500th homer, and Aaron Boone’s bat from Game 7 of 2003 ALCS. The 1996 World Series trophy, one of Don Mattingly’s Gold Gloves, a 1973 ticket booth from Yankee Stadium, Melky’s helmet from his cycle, Curtis Granderson’s jersey from when he went 20-20-20-20, and the lineup card from the team’s record breaking 112th win in 1998 are also in the album.

HOF 2009 World Series display

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Barry Halper was the owner of the most extensive collection of baseball memorabilia. Not only that, but he owned about 1 percent of the New York Yankees, and stood as a limited partner since the 1970’s.

He began collecting autographs as an 8-year-old hanging around the Yankees’ minor league ballpark in Newark. He went on to assemble the nation’s most acclaimed private collection of baseball memorabilia. His collection was thought of as the finest, and it amassed some 80,000 items.

His collection was displayed in the basement of his former home in Livingston. When you would ring the front doorbell of his home, you would hear a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” His basement was like a small museum, including a hidden switch to a swing open panel, behind which were some of his game-worn jerseys of famous players. Many items from his collection have since turned out to have been stolen and the FBI has launched an investigation.

In November 1998, the Major League Baseball commissioner’s office purchased about 20 percent of his collection, then donated the items to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  In September 1999, Mr. Halper sold the bulk of his collection at a widely publicized Sotheby’s auction (“The greatest private collection of baseball memorabilia ever assembled-the Barry Halper Collection” or the “World Series of Sports Auctions”) in New York for a record-breaking $21.8 million.

Following the Sotheby’s auction, Halper remarked:

“It makes me feel so proud that my collection will be carried on by everyone who participated in the past week’s sale. I am also glad that the Hall of Fame has part of my collection where it will reside in perpetuity.”

Sotheby’s released a three-volume book, The Barry Halper Collection of Baseball Memorabilia, that included over 1,500 color photographs of the collection, giving history for many of the items, details about Halper’s collection through the years, and a history of baseball.

“This is a collection of holy icons and sacred documents, amassed by one of the game’s high priests. This is no mere ‘baseball memorabilia.’ It is baseball’s heritage.” -Peter Golenbock

Faced with declining health, Mr. Halper sold off his baseball collection to make orderly payments of estate taxes. Barry Halper died at the age of 66, in 2005 due to complications from long-standing health issues. The cause was complications of diabetes, said his son Jason. He left us much too soon.


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