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Politically, I'm a "pragmatic libertarian." In other words, while I firmly believe in the principles espoused by our Founding Fathers, I also know that simply doing away with 100 years of government creep is only going to result in mass chaos, anarchy and destruction. As a Marine, I've witnessed those conditions first hand and I've no intention of seeing that here. I'm also a Crohn's patient for 30 years; sometimes my wife says its my best quality. I've been rooting for the Yankees since I got my first pinstriped jersey. It had a number 7 on the back and came in size 2T. I've watched a lot of Yankee baseball - both good and bad. I've seen clubhouse fights and clubhouse celebrations, parades through the Canyon of Heroes and Yankees paraded on the back pages of NYC's tabloids. Some folks say I can be a tad too snarky, other's say I'm not snarky enough. Read on, and decide for yourself. "Don't fight the Problem. Decide it." Gen. George C. Marshall

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