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This Is SportsCenter – Metallica

“Since Mariano Rivera retired, the guys from Metallica don’t have much to do.”

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This new Derek Jeter commercial is set to air tonight during the MLB All-Star Game tonight. Much like last year’s Rivera tribute, tonight will be more like a “Derek Jeter Special” than an all-star game. All eyes on Derek.

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Over the last few days, there were a lot of rumors in the online media outlets that Metallica was set to play “Enter Sandman” live at Yankee Stadium to honor Mariano Rivera on his special day. They were playing the Apollo Theater in Harlem the night before, so they were already in town. Those rumors were confirmed yesterday, as a concert stage was set up in front of Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park. And they put on quite a performance. This is the best footage I could find (I’ll update it if I can find something better):

Metallica - Yankee Stadium - Mariano Rivera Day

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Via Joel Sherman’s Twitter:

have not confirmed 100 pct, but getting lot of buzz Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement this afternoon. Will keep u posted #Yankees

This isn’t shocking news, but Joel Sherman is now reporting that Pettitte will hang it up at the end of the season. If true, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte will all be gone. Leaving Derek Jeter as the last man standing of the Yankees Core Four. This is a sad day indeed.

Update: 11:08AM ET (Via Jon Heyman):

can confirm pettitte will announce his retirement. likely by early this afternoon. #yankees

Update: 12:15PM ET:

The YES Network just released a statement by Andy Pettitte:

Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte

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Mariano Rivera dons this weeks cover of Sports illustrated. This is Mo’s 4th time on the cover of SI. Tom Verducci has the cover story, “Exit Sandman: Baseball Fans Bid Adieu To the Great Mariano Rivera.” The issues hits newsstands today. Be sure to pick up your copy.

Mariano Rivera

Photo: Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated

“Probably not since Koufax have we seen anyone leave the game with so much respect.” – Joe Torre

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The YES Network Instagram account released this photo with the caption: “A poem for Mariano Rivera from the #RedSox. #ThankYouMo” This is amazing on so many levels…

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The 2013 MLB All-Star Game may decide whether the AL or NL receives home field advantage in the World Series, but there was a bigger story that night. At least, for us Yankees fans. Mariano Rivera jogged out of the bullpen in the 8th inning (a decision by AL manager Jim Leyland to make sure he would make it into the game) to a stirring tribute. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” blared through the stadium, as a rousing applause and standing ovation came from both the players and fans to one of the game’s greatest players. Rivera tipped his cap graciously to the crowd and his fellow all-stars, giving everyone a memory that they will never forget. Mariano proceeded to toss a 1-2-3 8th inning and the American League went onto win the game 3-0. To top it off, Rivera received the All-Star Game MVP Award, becoming the first reliever to ever receive that honor. Mariano delivered a speech at the end of the game, thanking the fans and stated, “You guys almost made me cry.”

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Mariano Rivera

Photo Courtesy of New York Magazine

Mariano Rivera dons the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine. Lisa Miller’s piece, entitled, “Saved” is a great article talking about Mariano’s career and his plans after his retirement at the end of the season.


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In honor of Mo’s amazing run so far (17-for-17 in save situations), here’s a video clip that was filmed at the beginning of the season about his final year in pinstripes.

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You may call him Mo, The Sandman, The Panama Express, The Hammer of God or some other silly nickname. To us Yankees fans, he’s simply the gold standard. The guy you compare everybody else to, and beat them into the ground like they’re all nobodies. Have you ever been at a Yankees game and hoped or prayed that a pitcher on your own team would just give up a run (to make it a save situation) so you could catch a glimpse of Mariano Rivera? I can honestly say that I’m guilty of that. If it means getting the chance to see one of the greatest baseball players of all-time toe the rubber once more, it’s well worth it.

With Mariano Rivera coming out and announcing that he will be retiring at season’s end, I guess it’s finally soaked in that he’s not going to be around beyond this season. You just start think about the times he would jog out of the bullpen to Metallica, and the opposing team knew all too well that the game was over (and they still do to this day). He sawed off more bats than I can remember. His cutter was so great, players knew what was coming and still couldn’t hit it. We could look through all the books and see how many records and awards Mariano has received, but he’s beyond that now. He’s on a whole other level and has nothing to prove. He is the greatest closer in the history of baseball. And at this point, there is no debate about it.

Besides his stellar play, it was also the way he carried himself on and off the field that put him above all others. He was the consummate professional. He will be the very last player to ever wear the #42 on the back of a baseball uniform. And I don’t think the Robinson family could think of anyone better to carry out Jackie’s legacy. During the press conference they held down in Tampa to announce Mariano’s retirement, Rivera said, “It has been an honor and a privilege to wear the pinstripes. It has been wonderful.” The truth is (and I think I can speak for all Yankees fans here), it’s been a real an honor and a privilege just to watch you play all these years. You’ve provided us with so many great memories.

When you attend a game this year, it might very well be your last opportunity to see him pitch. Just stand and applaud at your seat, and realize that you most likely will never see the likes of him again. This season is his swan song. So, please do as I say, and keep your asses in the seats. This year, we stay for all nine.

Enter Sandman

Mariano Rivera #42

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I’ve never seen this video before, and I just found it very humbling to watch. We’ve sat in front of our televisions for years on end and watched Mariano Rivera simply dominate the game. He is, after all, a 12-time All-Star, the all-time leader in saves, with five Rolaiads Relief Man Awards and a three time Delivery Man of the Year. If there has ever been a sure bet for the Hall of Fame, he’s it.

But growing up in Panama, his own family didn’t have the money to buy him a bat or glove. Panama, like most of the world, is a country of haves and have-nots. Given it’s climate and large tourist industry, parts of Panama feature restaurants, casinos and nightlife to rival any vacation destination. But Mariano did not grow up privileged in Panama City. He was the son of a fisherman in Puerto Caimito. There were no fancy restaurants, no casinos and no lavish nightlife. It is doubtful that you can order take-out or play cards online at partycasino.com there to this day.

Mariano didn’t even have a decent field to play on. Kids from the neighborhood made balls from old clothing and nets; rolling the material up and wrapping it up with tape. But given how Mariano and so many other great Panamanian players turned out, it seems to have mattered very little. Baseball is still a lot more about heart and determination than equipment and trappings.

Using a knife and a small piece of cardboard, he created a baseball glove. It’s just incredible to see how far he’s come. From cardboard gloves and fields without grass to Yankee Stadium and the most prestigious franchise in all of sports is simply mind boggling. It just makes you smile. [talking about his cardboard baseball glove] “I was the happiest kid in the neighborhood with this thing.” – Mo

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