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Tommy Hilfiger — Derek Jeter Can Go Straight From Shortstop to the Runway!

Joe Torre: Open to Being MLB Commissioner

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Jimmy Fallon aired a great segment with former Yankee, Robinson Cano tonight. Yankees fans strolled through Bryant Park and booed a cardboard cutout of Robbie. Little did they know, the former New York star was standing right behind it. Let the ass-kissing begin.

One Fan: “I’m gonna boo the shit out of him…….BOOOOOOO, YOU SUCK!!!”…(Robinson walks out)….”How ya doin’ Robbie? Welcome back to New York!”

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Drake appeared as Alex Rodriguez on Piers Morgan Tonight on Saturday Night Live. Check it out here.


Drake - Alex Rodriguez

“I’m also suing steroids for being inside of me.”

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The YES Network Instagram account released this photo with the caption: “A poem for Mariano Rivera from the #RedSox. #ThankYouMo” This is amazing on so many levels…

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Via Chad Jennings:

Brian Cashman just announced that the Yankees are going to put Derek Jeter on the disabled list, effectively ending his season. More details coming.

More to come…

Derek Jeter

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According to this intelligent Red Sox fan, A-Rod is a “Looser.” He even went as far to draw eyeballs inside the two o’s. Now, that takes guts.

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Derek Jeter stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday and put on quite a show. He sat down for an interview and stuck around for a second segment to do a musical skit. If you haven’t noticed already from his pre/post game interviews or the press conferences he’s held, Derek’s got a great sense of humor.

What we learned:

  • Derek Jeter is willing to host SNL again if Fallon is involved.
  • He once allowed Fallon to pick up the tab in a club..costing him $2500.
  • Fallon once accidentally kissed Michael Jordan on the lips at one of Derek’s parties.

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Here’s some terrific footage from last night’s Yankees/RedSox rain delay, in which some intense thunder rocked Yankee Stadium. Brett Gardner and Jarrod Saltalmacchia’s reactions were absolutely priceless. It just goes to show you that everyone gets scared of a little thunder.

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The New Yorker’s own, Christopher Weyant, released a daily cartoon a couple of days ago (the day after the tragic Boston Marathon bombings), and I thought I would share it with you guys. I found the cartoon to be very charming, showing that when something like this happens, we put our petty differences and fan allegiances aside. The tragic events that occured in Boston transcend sports, and it was just really cool to see the outpouring of love from New York. #BostonStrong

Boston Strong

Pohot Courtesy of Christopher Weyant, April 16th

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